Cyanide Swindler #2

Arbaaz was brought to attention about the last victim Sarala, a 36 year old widow who lived in the outskirts of Bangalore, was found dead in Madikkeri. Her case was similar to the one of Radhika, the recent victim except for that Sarala was dressed like a new bride who was about to get married.…Read more Cyanide Swindler #2

Cyanide Swindler #1

A dark and silent night where the wind blows like whistle with its contact with the trees in the surroundings, most of the houses and shops in the town Maddur (at the river bed of Cauveri, Karnataka) were closed already except for the few in the bus depot. A lady entered the pay and use…Read more Cyanide Swindler #1

The Silent Guardians

In most of our lives we have few people who are always silent but who rose to the occasions whenever we are in need of some morale support. We might not call them our close friends but at one point or other, we might have shared everything with them, about our life. This articles is…Read more The Silent Guardians