Who & What Am I?

What am I? Am I a riddle waiting to be solved? Am I a dream? Will I ever wake up? Am I a flashback of someone? Will I get back to the REAL life? Am I a narrator? If yes, when I I finish narrating this story? Background : Dreams, yes. There is a dream,…Read more Who & What Am I?

Tricks I use.

I would like to quote three incidents, in which I believe I have done it wise with my tricks. #1.┬áDo not study, just learn. Studying is the major problem of this generation. Students are asked to study for their exams instead of asking to learn for their life. I believe that we can never ride…Read more Tricks I use.

What I do when struck in Traffic?

Exploring different kinds of people. I use bike for my daily commute, when I get struck in traffic I analyse people and their actions. Be it a girl listening to the music with her headsets on and nodding/tilting head to the tune when she's in window seat at bus. Be it different bikes and cars…Read more What I do when struck in Traffic?

Misconception about Life.

And they lived Happily ever after! People believe that here is a stage in their life, where they can live happily ever after. But there isn't any. Life is all about success and failure. Everyone have some issues on their own, few show it to the world and few don't. Life isn't a fairy tale…Read more Misconception about Life.

Single, but wedlocked. #The Talks

Previously on Single, but wedlocked Ankita a MNC employee fell in love with Ajay, yet another MNC employee who runs his own YouTube channel about cooking. Ankita and Ajay talked to each other and liked each other in the beginning, later Ankita told Ajay that she's married, awaiting divorce, which gave a shock to Ajay.…Read more Single, but wedlocked. #The Talks

A dog and a half biscuit!

Be kind towards everyone or everything we encounter with, we don't know when we will be getting the kindness back in terms of something. I used to go for a walk with my friend after dinner everyday, the streets were lonely as we walk past midnight and there were very few vehicles passing by at…Read more A dog and a half biscuit!