Sunshine Blogger Award!

Thanks for nominating me Vidhya Shree, one of the very few writers who can express themselves through their words both in English and Tamil. Rules: 1.Thank the person who nominated you. 2.Answer their 11 questions. 3.Put up your 11 questions and nominate 11 others. 4.List the rules. Q&A time. 1.What is happiness to you? Home. I…Read more Sunshine Blogger Award!

Single, but wedlocked.

Ankita, yet another prey to the corporate life, who works for the MNC like there's no tomorrow. Who lost her life outside the office just like the rest of the corporate employees. The only escape from reality for her  was watching videos in YouTube. She is an ardent fan of cooking and baking and followed…Read more Single, but wedlocked.

Fine Grained Authorization with the WSO2 Product Platform

As we discussed in our previous posts Internet Of Things – IoT and Identity and Access Management – WSO2 Identity Server, securing the application system has the highest priority in moving towards clound and IOT. This article is to provide a demo and understanding of how to provide fine grained authentication/authorization for a user when requesting a…Read more Fine Grained Authorization with the WSO2 Product Platform

Identity and Access Management – WSO2 Identity Server

Overview Wikipedia says, In computer security, identity and access management (IAM) is the security and business discipline that "enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times and for the right reasons". The above statement is self explanatory, all our data and information in the cloud and web hosting environments are at…Read more Identity and Access Management – WSO2 Identity Server

Internet Of Things – IoT

#IoT is believed to be the next big thing in the information and technology world which brings in all the internet connected devices together to a single platform. A thing in internet of things is a device that can be connected to internet to send/receive information through internet, which has an IP assigned to it, in…Read more Internet Of Things – IoT