The real happiness!

In everyone's life, there will be different phases of happiness. Being born, celebrating birthdays, passing examinations, getting a job, getting increments, promotions and getting married. All the above will be there for minutes, hours or even days. But there's one form of happiness, which one cherish from day one to the last day of one's…Read more The real happiness!

Funniest thing happened to me.

I have acute migraine for which I visit hospital frequently at midnight. One day I went to the hospital (where I regularly go) at 2 AM and was waiting for the Doctor to attend me. After 10 minutes, doctor came and asked me what happened. Me : I am having migraine for last few hours,…Read more Funniest thing happened to me.

Chicken Kuzhambu (Gravy) – Recipe

Chicken Kuzhambu/Gravy is a famous and a must have dish on Sunday afternoon for the non-vegetarians of South India. Ingredients for six serves. 1Kg Chicken - Skinless, cleaned and chopped into medium size 400g Onions  - Big, peeled off and sliced 250g Tomatoes - Washed, chopped into tiny pieces 4 pieces of Green chillies - Chopped…Read more Chicken Kuzhambu (Gravy) – Recipe

A Long Arduous Journey

Period : August 19–21, 2016 I went for a road trip on car with my friends to Wayanad, Kerala, it was a spell bounding trip which tested literally everything we had. We friends decided to go for trekking at Chembra Peak, is the highest peak in Wayanad, at 2,050 m (6,730 ft) above sea level.…Read more A Long Arduous Journey