The real happiness!

In everyone's life, there will be different phases of happiness. Being born, celebrating birthdays, passing examinations, getting a job, getting increments, promotions and getting married. All the above will be there for minutes, hours or even days. But there's one form of happiness, which one cherish from day one to the last day of one's…Read more The real happiness!

Magic of Words #2

A kid was watching a super hero movie with his dad. The kid was impressed and inspired by the way the super hero tackled the high intense situations and how the hero saved the lives of many. The kid enjoyed the movie at the edge of the seat since the start of the movie till…Read more Magic of Words #2

What saves a relationship?

Never ever bring up something (mistakes/faults) from the past when you are having an argument. Don't use abusive/foul words when the argument becomes a fight. Yes, we all have problems in life, we all do mistakes too. Every relationship will be going good during the honeymoon period (the first six months), then slowly issues start…Read more What saves a relationship?

Single, but wedlocked.

Ankita, yet another prey to the corporate life, who works for the MNC like there's no tomorrow. Who lost her life outside the office just like the rest of the corporate employees. The only escape from reality for her  was watching videos in YouTube. She is an ardent fan of cooking and baking and followed…Read more Single, but wedlocked.

An Entangled Love Story

Rahul, a budding artist who majorly concentrates on sketching portraits based on real life incidents and his experiences towards life. His paintings slowly gave him a good reception because of which he became one of the artists to be noticed keenly for his art works. Rahul got few friends on his journey towards his art…Read more An Entangled Love Story

A dog and a half biscuit!

Be kind towards everyone or everything we encounter with, we don't know when we will be getting the kindness back in terms of something. I used to go for a walk with my friend after dinner everyday, the streets were lonely as we walk past midnight and there were very few vehicles passing by at…Read more A dog and a half biscuit!

The Silent Guardians

In most of our lives we have few people who are always silent but who rose to the occasions whenever we are in need of some morale support. We might not call them our close friends but at one point or other, we might have shared everything with them, about our life. This articles is…Read more The Silent Guardians

A Tribute to Friendship

People say friendship is a relationship we can never ask for, it just happens. I totally agree with it. Many people come into our lives and many leave too, but a very few make a mark in our lives which even time can't erase or modify. I too have few friends in my life who…Read more A Tribute to Friendship

என் கிறுக்கல்கள் #1

நொடி நொடியாய் அவளை ரசித்தேனே...! அணு அணுவாய் என்னை கொன்றாளே.. கண்கள் இரண்டு கண்கள்..! நீந்தும் வண்ண மீன்கள்.. புன்னகை புறிந்தாளே..! மின்னலின் வெளிச்சம் போலே .. தோடு அவள் தோடு..! காதுடன் நடனம் ஆடுதடா.. கூந்தல் அவள் கூந்தல்..! ஆயிரம் ஓவியம் தீட்டுதடா .. செல்ல சிரிப்பாள் சிறைபிடித்தாளே !! (நொடி நொடியாய் அவளை ரசித்தேனே...! அணு அணுவாய் என்னை கொன்றாலே..) பின்குறிப்பு : இந்த வரிகள், "துளி துளி மழையாய் வந்தாளே" பாடலுடன் ஒன்றி இணைந்த வரிகளாகும். புகைப்பட உரிமம்…Read more என் கிறுக்கல்கள் #1