Things to learn and follow.

Raising words and not voice : Most of the time our anger wins us. We speak a lot of things which we regret later. We believe that who shouts loud will win. It is not the case, a polite sentence can do thousand things when a harsh sentence can't do even a single thing. Listen to…Read more Things to learn and follow.

Tricks I use.

I would like to quote three incidents, in which I believe I have done it wise with my tricks. #1. Do not study, just learn. Studying is the major problem of this generation. Students are asked to study for their exams instead of asking to learn for their life. I believe that we can never ride…Read more Tricks I use.

Why we don’t have Engineers but Engineering degree holders?

Here is a list, which contains few things to hate engineering as a degree taught in the engineering colleges. Colleges makes students to study instead of learning. Internal marks are directly proportional to how good you are in the class. Assignments are not meant for learning. Projects should be taken from a published IEEE paper.…Read more Why we don’t have Engineers but Engineering degree holders?

Sunshine Blogger Award!

Thanks for nominating me Vidhya Shree, one of the very few writers who can express themselves through their words both in English and Tamil. Rules: 1.Thank the person who nominated you. 2.Answer their 11 questions. 3.Put up your 11 questions and nominate 11 others. 4.List the rules. Q&A time. 1.What is happiness to you? Home. I…Read more Sunshine Blogger Award!

Blogging – A trip down the lane.

I used to participate in essay writing competitions when I was doing my academics, at times I participated in poetry writing too but I didn't find that writing could be one of my passion. I was one of those students who wouldn't copy and paste what text books say, I had always wrote what I…Read more Blogging – A trip down the lane.

A dog and a half biscuit!

Be kind towards everyone or everything we encounter with, we don't know when we will be getting the kindness back in terms of something. I used to go for a walk with my friend after dinner everyday, the streets were lonely as we walk past midnight and there were very few vehicles passing by at…Read more A dog and a half biscuit!

The Silent Guardians

In most of our lives we have few people who are always silent but who rose to the occasions whenever we are in need of some morale support. We might not call them our close friends but at one point or other, we might have shared everything with them, about our life. This articles is…Read more The Silent Guardians

Fine Grained Authorization with the WSO2 Product Platform

As we discussed in our previous posts Internet Of Things – IoT and Identity and Access Management – WSO2 Identity Server, securing the application system has the highest priority in moving towards clound and IOT. This article is to provide a demo and understanding of how to provide fine grained authentication/authorization for a user when requesting a…Read more Fine Grained Authorization with the WSO2 Product Platform

Say NO to Caste!

A serious topic to discuss about. More often than not, we hear, read and see about the caste discrimination in India. On the contrary , we see people going against reservation system too. Especially in magazines, news papers, TV news, whatsapp, facebook and twitter. Image Credits : Nothing significant happens to the life of the…Read more Say NO to Caste!

Everyone teaches something you don’t know!

It was during the summer holidays after my 12th grade. I was working on a local bar as a bearer, for which I got INR 50 a day. I had opportunity to interact with everyone and observed how they change after drinking. It was really interesting too. One day a guy asked me to bring…Read more Everyone teaches something you don’t know!