Chicken Kuzhambu (Gravy) – Recipe

Chicken Kuzhambu/Gravy¬†is a famous and a must have dish on Sunday afternoon for the non-vegetarians of South India. Ingredients for six serves. 1Kg Chicken - Skinless, cleaned and chopped into medium size 400g Onions¬† - Big, peeled off and sliced 250g Tomatoes - Washed, chopped into tiny pieces 4 pieces of Green chillies - Chopped…Read more Chicken Kuzhambu (Gravy) – Recipe

Everyone teaches something you don’t know!

It was during the summer holidays after my 12th grade. I was working on a local bar as a bearer, for which I got INR 50 a day. I had opportunity to interact with everyone and observed how they change after drinking. It was really interesting too. One day a guy asked me to bring…Read more Everyone teaches something you don’t know!