An early morning where the sun was about to rise in a few hours, a youngster in his late 20s was in a dark room. All the windows and doors were closed, all the lights were turned off except for the table where the youngster was sitting. He was laying some powder in the desk, took some card, probably one of his credit/debit cards. He arranged the powder in a line and exhaled his lungs out, without taking any time, he snorted out the entire powder into his nose. Oh, wait, he was doing drugs, probably cocaine (or some might call it coke). The guy suddenly got up, he couldn’t even stand properly but took his bike keys from the table and started drifting outside his room.


After a week, another youngster, Dhruv, who is a food delivery guy was packing lunch from a restaurant for delivery to the customer, on his way to the delivery location, in an isolated alley, he opened the food, did something (maybe eating it) and closed it. During his delivery, one of his customers called him and asked: “Hey dude, what happened to the delivery?” For which he replied, “Sir, it is almost done, took some time for getting the shawarma, but will deliver it in 15 mins, depending upon the traffic”. Then he proceeded to the delivery location, got his cash for the food along with tips and left the place without a sign. This delivery routine happens a lot in his daily life, and he doesn’t open the food all the times when he is out for delivery, but definitely opens some, but always in one or the other isolated alley. His life revolves around the restaurants, delivery locations and sometimes some isolated alley.

One fine midnight when he completed his delivery cycle and reached his flat, he freshened himself up and was looking at the YouTube videos. Out of nowhere, he got a call from an unknown number and was told,

“Hey you, I know what you are doing in the name of food delivery, if you don’t obey my further orders, all your dirty secrets in the name of food delivery will be exposed. If you don’t believe me, look at your WhatsApp now. Will call you back later.”,

Even before he opened the mouth, due to his shock, the call disconnected. He was terrified to the core but did not get any clue about who was talking to him or what they are going to ask him to do further. With utter silence, he opened his WhatsApp, there was a video clip as a message from another international number, he downloaded it and played.

It was him in the video, actually a compilation of multiple videos of him, and the way he stops his bike in the isolated alleys and how he tampers the food packages were captured, and his face was captured clearly. He did not know what he had to do, he was still in the shock and started sweating a lot as his face started becoming pale. He couldn’t sleep as he was waiting for the call from that international number again so that he can understand what they were expecting him to do.

The next morning, he didn’t go for his food delivery job, out of sheer panic. The day after he received the call, he again stopped himself from going for his job. He got the call from the international number in the late evening on that day.

Person X: Did you watch the video?

Dhruv: Errrrrs… Yes (in low voice)

Person X: I hope you know what consequences will follow you if I release it to media or Police.

Dhruv: Pleeeeeaseeeeeee…. Do not do that, my life will be screwed up and I can’t live with this shame all my life. My parents in my village think that I am working in a decent job, I don’t want them to be ashamed of me. I can and I will do whatever you order me to do.

Person X: I can’t hear you, can you repeat your last line?

Dhruv: I said, I can and I will do whatever you order me to do.

Person X: Okay, that’s what I want. I don’t want to waste my time here. Continue your work regularly as you do, my further instructions will be followed in WhatsApp.

The next day, with lots of hesitation, Dhruv went back to work, he resumed his food delivery with the exception of stopping in the isolated alleys most of the times, but this time he was determined not to stop anywhere else between the restaurant and the delivery location. He was serving all his customers happy and the happiness and satisfaction of the customers were visible in the tips he was receiving.

After some days, he received a photo in WhatsApp with the details and routine of the person (let’s call him the Victim) in the photo followed by a message, “KILL HIM, OR YOU WILL BE EXPOSED”. He was terrified, he couldn’t believe his eyes that someone wanted him to kill a stranger. He replied back to the message with, “Killing? Do you mean you want me to murder someone? I am really terrified and I don’t want to do this”. For which he received another video of him opening the food packages as a reply followed by “I won’t let anyone know that you killed him. There is no way the police can suspect you as there are no common factors between you and the guy, I’m asking you to kill. Even I’ll do one better, if you want me to assist you in getting any weapons, I can help you with that, provided you will finish the job I assigned to you. You can even continue tampering the food packets if you want to, but only if you kill him”. With lots of hesitations and confusions in mind, he asked for a day’s time to prepare himself. For which he was given the time by the Person X.

The entire night he was thinking about how to escape from this situation but he could find a way out of it. Later he decided that the only way to come out of this situation is to kill that person. Now he decided that he will not commit this murder in a usual way as the Police can sniff him back based on the pieces of evidence, He remembered his friend who used the deep web (proxy) once just for fun and how he described we can search anything on it. He downloaded the deep web browser and started reading about the different ways to kill someone. Out of his entire night research, he found that if there is no connection between the murderer and victim, their chances of getting caught is really less, just as Person X said. Along with that, he also read about committing the untraceable murder, for which he found that he shouldn’t buy any weapons that are generally used for murders online or offline as the suspicion will arise and the police can easily round him off.

He decided that he will only use some household items or an industrial tool to finish this job off. The next day, he sent a message to Person X stating, “Yes, I will do it but only if I can get a battery-powered drill.” For which, he received, “Good choice. You can find the drill in the following location, inside the electricity meter panel board day after tomorrow. You can find the details and whereabouts of the person you have to kill in the old messages of this conversation. All the best.”

He started following the person from the next day and noticed that he has a fixed routine. The person was working in a BPO and waits for the cab to pick him at the same spot every day at the same time, 2:00 AM. Dhruv decided that this is the best time and place to kill him as the timing and place are perfect and will not alarm anyone else in the surroundings at least for the next 4 hours given the late timings.

As he already took the drill from the location Person X has kept, he was practicing on how to create a contact with the person he has to kill. After a few days of tailing the person, he went to the pickup location of the Victim just before the Victim reached. He disguised himself as a handicapped who has only one hand. When the Victim was arriving, Dhruv was acting as he was walking on the road. Dhruv when coming near the Victim, tripped off on the road, for which the victim panicked, but later he came to know that he was handicapped. Dhruv asked the Victim if he could help him tie his shoelaces back, for which the Victim said yes and bent down to reach his legs.

Out of nowhere, the Victim was beaten by a metal rod which Dhruv had under the jacket, which made the Victim collapse, without taking any time, Dhruv used the drill and drilled a hole on the Victim’s forehead, with all the blood gushing out on him and on the road. Once he was sure that the Victim was dead, he ran away from that location. As he planned already to destroy all the pieces of evidence, he went to an old apartment on his way and dumped all his clothes, drill and the metal rod inside the septic tank and moved away from the place.

When the cab came to pick up the Victim as per the schedule, the driver saw the Victim in the pool of blood and immediately called 100 and 108. When the emergency ambulance came, the service pilots and the nurses deemed the Victim dead and was waiting for the Police to take it over. The Police started marking the Victim’s body and initiated the investigation. As usual, the media took this murder to the limelight and the entire nation was talking about this murder for few days but nothing came out of investigations as this was a new way the Victim has been killed.

Dhruv was looking at all the outcomes and consequences of the murder but was resuming his daily food delivery as per his schedule. There was no suspicion on him which helped him to come out of this trauma earlier than he expected. He resumed his work as usual and did not receive any messages from the Person X for a week, which helped him in returning to his food package opening routine as well. All was going well for two months, after which he received another message from Person X, which stated, “Congrats on the old job, now, I have a gift for you.”, followed by a video clip which was shot areal (from the sky) of him murdering the Victim using the drill. Probably taken using a drone.

Dhruv fainted and couldn’t get up for a while. When he gained consciousness, he was unable to believe that he was again into the trap of what Person X wants him to do. This time, he ended up in a bigger crime compared to what he was doing earlier. He replied to Person X with “Why?”. For which the Person X replied, “I have one last assignment for you, you have to kill the below Person”, followed by a photo and the details of the person (let’s call this person as Victim Two). Dhruv couldn’t take this assignment as it was the photo of a girl. Though he had committed murder before, he was not ready to kill this girl as he couldn’t understand what was the reason behind it. When he questioned Person X, he got, “Just do as I say, or end up in jail and spend the rest of your life there”.

He asked for more time, and the entire day he was thinking on how to escape from this, but this time, he decided not to kill the Victim Two but agreed to Person X that he would do it. He asked for three days’ time to formulate the murder. He started tailing the girl day and night for the next two days and found out that the girl is living alone in her flat, with no friends or family with her. Hence it would be easy for him to frame the murder, he spoke to Person X that night and asked for a Gun, loaded. When the Person X asks why he said that it is easy to frame that she was shot dead by someone who wanted to fall in love with Victim Two and he can make the shreds of evidence for the same in and around her apartment. For which Person X agrees and told him he can find the loaded Gun under the last tile on the fifth floor right corner of the apartment which is under construction in the nearby area on two days’ time.

Since Dhruv already decided to dupe this entire murder up, he went to the fifth floor of the apartment one day before and started camping there, he was waiting for the Person X to arrive so that he can catch the Person X, kill and close all these games once and for all. As he was expecting, Person X came to the apartment, went to the fifth floor, Dhruv was waiting as an eagle all the way. Dhruv sees someone fading in towards the fifth floor, wearing a hoodie, covering the face. As the Person X approaches the fifth-floor right corner, Dhruv slowly sneaks towards Person X, and grabs the Person X’s legs and pulls him down.

To his complete shock, all these days he was thinking it was some ex-criminal or a psychopath who was getting ecstasy in seeing people getting killed but, it was a girl. Not any girl, but the girl whom he was asked to kill a few days back.

Without taking much time, he grabbed her up and asked question after question. For which the girl, (should we call her Victim Two or Person X) kept quiet.

After he was done with all his questions and random shouting, the girl opened her mouth. What she told took Dhruv by surprise.

The girl opened up, “As I had sent you the video clips initially, I know that you deliver drugs, who tampers the package of your customers and add cocaine packets into the package for those orders shawarma in the restaurant ‘Shawarma For All’. I also know that it is not even a regular restaurant and only those who consume drugs know about this particular restaurant.”.

Dhruv asked, “But, how did you know all these? No one knows anything about it.”

For which the girl replied, “Yes, I know, it was not easy for me to find out all these, it took months for me to find your group and to isolate you. Particularly you. You wonder why you right? Let me tell you why I started all these. Two months back, one late night I was coming home from my job, and to my complete surprise, a person whom I didn’t know spanked on my back when I was walking. He wasn’t even steady to ride a bike, but he did spank me. Out of anger, I shouted at him in the middle of the road. The guy suddenly stopped his bike, came towards me and slapped me hard, cursed and slut-shamed me. My luck, there was no one on the road to hear all his foul words. When I spat on him, as I was unable to beat him back, he grabbed my hands, pulled me over to the shrubs which were near and strangled me to death. Immediately he stopped strangling me and stripped his pants down and raped me until I fell unconscious. When I gained consciousness, it was still dark, I was weak and messy but I couldn’t forget the guy’s face or the guy’s bike plate number. You can ask me why I didn’t go to Police, but who believes that the Police can solve this? Most importantly, I didn’t want the media to slut-shame me in front of the world like the guy who did in the middle of the road (my luck that there was no one to listen to all these). That’s when I decided that I should kill him off.”

Dhruv asked, “Still you haven’t answered why you pulled me in all these issues”.

The girl replied with a sheepish smile, “You know what, after I got out of that injuries physically and mentally, I started tailing him, even I went to his apartment once as a visitor and looked at the CCTV footage of his apartment. On the day I got raped, I saw you deliver a food package to him, after which he didn’t come out for a few hours. But when he came, he was not steady. I thought he might have consumed alcohol, but the security guy told me that whenever someone delivers food to this guy, he ends up becoming like that. That was fishy and I decided to track you down, that’s when I started noticing you stop in the middle of an isolated alley, opening and closing food packets whenever you pick up the package from that Shawarma joint. When I enquired about the shawarma joint in the vicinity, I came to know that it was a drug-dealing fortress. That’s how you ended up into this mess.”

“I also decided that if I have to kill the guy who raped me, that has to be through you, and looped you into all these situations.”

Dhruv was stumbled but had nothing to say.

The girl went on, “You might think why I asked you to kill me, but this was not your plan to kill me, it was mine to kill you and put an end for all these.”

Dhruv started to understand where it was going on and tried to knock the girl off, they both were strangling each other and suddenly a gunshot was fired.

The girl shot at Dhruv with the same gun he asked to kill her and was trying to come outside with satisfaction of how the events panned out though it was unexpected. When Dhruv was in the pool of blood, in his last moment, he asked the girl a question, “All I did was deliver the package, I didn’t supply or stock them, why punish me?”. For which the girl replied,

“You are just the beginning of the things that are going to happen in the future. I will send all your friends to you. Soon.

The name is Thendral, beware!


Thendral will not stop, at least, not yet.
The beginning of a new end.

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