Magic of Words #2

A kid was watching a super hero movie with his dad. The kid was impressed and inspired by the way the super hero tackled the high intense situations and how the hero saved the lives of many. The kid enjoyed the movie at the edge of the seat since the start of the movie till the end. When the movie got over, the kid couldn’t come out of the it and kept on talking about how the hero fought against the villains and carried the responsibility of saving an entire city. After a while, the kid and the dad had a conversation when they were waiting for the bus.

Kid : Dad, wouldn’t it be awesome if I have some super power like the super hero movie we just saw?

Dad : Son, do you see that stranger with a shabby outfit with a cap, standing in that corner?

Kid : Yes, dad I can see him. What’s up with that?

Dad : Wait I’ll show you something.

**Dad goes to the stranger**

Dad : Hey pal, how are you?

Stranger : I’m fine, thank you. How are you?

Dad : Good. I just want to tell you that your cap fits well and looks nice on you. It complements you.

Stranger : ** with a broad smile ** Thanks pal 🙂

After that conversation, the dad asked the kid if he had any idea of what just happened. For which the kid said no. Then the dad explained,

Dad : Son, we all have super powers, just that we don’t realize how to use them well. When I told the stranger that his cap looked good on him, he smiled out of nowhere, that’s how our super power works. We can make anyone’s life better when we understand that we all do have super powers.

After that conversation, the kid realized that he need not watch a movie to see super heroes, they live among ourselves if we can identify them and get inspired by them.


Words are beautiful, when we use them in the right way. It can make a cry baby smile, a anxious person relax and a depressed person to fight back. Those who make difference in others’ lives in a positive way are all super heroes.

Image Credits : SuperHero


Prabakaran Thodithot Sembiyan

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