Magic of words #1

Incident #1 :

One day I was riding my bike in a heavy traffic in Bangalore, the traffic was not even moving an inch forward for almost 15 minutes. The frustrated me tried to sneak through the gaps between the bumpers of the cars, minutes later, I encountered a car coming reverse at all of a sudden without any hint. I pressed the horn switch for few seconds only to have the driver of the car went unnoticed in the heavy traffic and still came backwards just to hit my bike. For a moment I was furious and out of my mind, I parked my bike, removed my helmet and was honking again and again. This time, the driver of the car didn’t forget to notice, he opened his door, came towards me and uttered few words which completely changed my mood and made me forget the incident and just smile back. We both exchanged pleasantries and moved in our own way.

He came down from his car when I was angry on him. The moment he saw me fuming, he came close to me, smiling politely and said, “I am really sorry, I haven’t noticed your bike or heard the horn sound as it was very difficult for me driving in this traffic as I am relatively new in driving cars. I hope you would understand my situation. I am sorry, again”. Had it been other day, with someone else who wasn’t as polite as him, the situation would have gotten worse, who knows, may be we both might have ended up in an altercation which would have made us silly and annoying in front of the public who were there. From that incident, whenever I indulge in a small accident which was knowingly or unknowingly my mistake, the first word I say is Sorry, with a polite smile in my face.

Incident #2:

Few months after the above incident, I was riding my bike in an area where the traffic was moderate. I was followed by a car and an auto rickshaw, which I noticed through the rear view mirror, the road was narrow and could accommodate only two cars in parallel. After riding for few hundred meters, I saw a lady with a baby on her hands, she was trying to cross the road for about a minute or two but couldn’t as there were vehicles crossing her more often than not. When I noticed her from far, unfortunately, she couldn’t cross the road even when I was nearing her. All of a sudden, I thought what if I will halt my bike and let her cross the road. With wild guts I halted my bike, and waved my head to convey her that it was safe then to cross the road. Seeing me halting, a car which was coming from the opposite direction also halted and the lady was smiling at me and said “Thank you”, (which was in audible though).

Before she crossed the road, the car and the auto rickshaw which were behind me started honking multiple times for which I just raised my hand. When they saw the lady with a baby crossing the road because of me halting, they stopped honking as well. Once the lady crossed, I turned back and said sorry to the car and auto rickshaw drivers and moved away from their path. Had it not been for that incident where she said thanks, I wouldn’t have let pedestrians cross the road in the busy traffic roads till now.


Sorry & Thank you can change the world for you, if you are ready to listen them instead of hearing them.’

Image credits : Sorry and Thankyou


Prabakaran Thodithot Sembiyan

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