To my best half!

I have read the phrase Made for each other only in articles and thought that it will be only in imagination but life proved me wrong by letting you take part in my life. I’m happy to say that I am happily married and happier after marriage.

I still remember the day I saw your first photograph when your dad sent to my dad, I didn’t know what actually I was thinking but I told my dad to proceed the talking with your dad. Two weeks later, we didn’t get any news from your side and we decided to look for other prospective brides from the matrimonial magazine. I would say I was escaped (actually got caught) narrowly when your dad said we can proceed further after two more weeks. That’s how everything started.

February 26, 2017, Sunday, was the day I met you in your home. To be honest, I had no idea that you will say ok to me even after looking at me and talking to me. I still remember that you were very calm and composed in front of me that day whereas I was literally choking inside with the fear of failure. All thanks to the almighty that you liked me even after my boring presentation about me, delivered by me. 

I don’t really know how time flew fast but it actually made us friends with like mindedness. I was afraid initially thinking that you might be reserved, introvert and calm but you proved me wrong altogether my dear. I have shared my feelings to Chandru, Dinesh and Ajay. You should ask them one day to know how happy I was after realising that you are talkative, happy go lucky and a sensible person. Not many will get such a girl in their life to complement their own character but I feel I’m really lucky in that aspect. 

If you don’t know it before, I was ambitious all my life after teenage to get married only through a love marriage. Then came a moment when I really fell in love with you, that was on my birthday for which you thought you made surprises which went flop, I laughed at your face but inside I was happy to know that you took efforts to make my birthday special, for that, I am really thankful to you.

Two months later, June 4th 2017, the Big day of our life came, you don’t have any idea that how happy I was on that day. You know that you were asking me in the reception (June 3rd 2017), if I were nervous about the marriage, for which I replied that I wasn’t nervous but excited, that was not just for fun, I really was happy and excited and that’s why I was neither nervous nor sick on that beautiful day.

It was not only me who was happy, my parents, my brother and all my friends were happy. If you think I am telling lies, you can witness the same in the below photograph. You can see my mom with all smiles.

As you can see, my mom was the happiest person on that day, the reason being, she was longing for a daughter ever since I attained the world knowledge back in my childhood. Even when we were looking for bride, her only demand was that the girl shouldn’t behave like a daughter-in-law, instead she wanted her to a daughter to her. I don’t really know if you will believe, but some have told me and my mom that you look like my mom. What else does she need? A daughter-in-law who looks similar to her. She got her daughter in the form of daughter-in-law. 

All said and done, here comes the matter of the day. 

It’s your birthday today, 2nd July, sweetheart, I wish you long lasting life filled with happiness and sadness(in parts) as that is what life is all about. I will make sure that I will try tonne a perfect husband, believe me, this is the first time I’m getting married so I’m still a learner on that front.

I want you to maintain good health because I want to do exactly like the below pictures even on your 60th birthday we celebrate together.

Wish you many more happy returns of the day Dhivyarani aka Dhivya.​

​​I know that you will be disappointed by me not giving any materialistic gift to you on your first birthday after our marriage. But personally I believe there are three types of gifts.

  1. Materialistic – Lasts till it’s life gets over.
  2. Moments – Lasts till our life gets over.
  3. Memories – Lasts even after our death.

I am a man who believe in the last two types of gifts my dear so please do pardon me and accept the gifts I can afford.

With loads of love,

Prabakaran Thodithot Sembiyan

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