Indian – To be proud or to be ashamed?

When to be ashamed?

Feel ashamed when you are in India that you are also a part of this shitty politics.

Yes, we Indians are the ones who makes our country worse, our population is of 110 Crores, of which there will be at least 45% having the right to vote.

How many of us are voting?

How many of us are casting out vote for the deserved candidate?

First are there handful of deserved candidates here exception being excluded?

When we can’t bring a change even when we have the power, shouldn’t we be ashamed of?

When to be proud?

Be proud when you are living outside the country. We Indians are respected for our traditions and cultures across the globe, try to keep it.

We are known for being nice and being respectful, follow it. We are known for our mental capability, prove it.

We have scientists who can challenge NASA, we have artists who can challenge the renowned, we have sport persons who  are trying to show their mettle (excluding cricket as we are one of the power house), we have a state of the art system in medicine (especially heart transplant).

We have a very long history, we are one of the very few being civilised as per the archeological facts.

Shouldn’t we be proud about it?

Conclusion :

It is we, the citizens of India who can change the country, either good or bad. When we all take care our own responsibility of being a good citizen, the collective effort of 110 Crores will yield an enormous result, which we have never dreamt of.


Prabakaran Thodithot Sembiyan

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