Good and Bad Quality of one.

Strong Memory power.

Why good?

It is the best quality you can ever get or develop when it takes you in success path. You can remember most of the incidents happened in your life, you can remember things you learn at anytime, you can remember the persons you met, you can revisit your memory lane and cherish your past.

Why bad?

It becomes a disease when it takes you in the failure path. You can never forget certain things which you have to, to lead a peaceful life. It keeps you the be scared, very scared of doing things just because of one bad incident. Can develop stress, which leads to emotional sickness.

I had always thought that having a strong memory power was the biggest advantage of being me. But life proved the other way, at least for a while.

Controlling your memories is very difficult, do try to control it before it does control you.

Source : Personal experience.


Prabakaran Thodithot Sembiyan

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