Source of Inspiration.

The struggles we (dad, mom, brother and me) faced in the past.

We have gone through a lot of tragedies in our life, but we stick together as a family and fight them as they show in Avengers.

Dad – Iron Man


They way he led us from front and protected without bothering about his life, he experimented a lot in business, broke but came back with all his determination.

Mom – Captain America

She sticks to being fair and being in the right side unlike Iron Man, who experiments. My mom has transformed from being a school girl to a woman who can fight the world, alone. Yes, the guts she has, the way she faced her issues in life when she got married at 17 years of age were the proof.

Brother (Younger) – Hulk

He is one unpredictable character. He will never interfere in any issues, once if his temper is being taunted by someone *baam baam*, the other guy arrives, who damages the property (here for a change, he damages our property). The way he is shaping his life now after traumas is another inspiration for me.

This is how we fight against the struggles life brings to us.

We got beaten many times but came back stronger. Not afraid to get beaten again.
Prabakaran Thodithot Sembiyan

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