Lessons from Life.

I am still learning in this life. Here are some lessons I have been taught by life.

  • All the promises are never meant to be kept. Be it from family or friend or colleague or spouse or girlfriend.
  • Trust someone blindly, they will make you blind one day.
  • Some people are around us just because we have something, which attracts them, be it money/time/humor/love/lust. If we lose that “something”, the people will fade away.
  • Standing on our own isn’t as simple as they show in movies. Especially filling dad’s boots.
  • Getting defeated isn’t the end of the life, get up, there’s more to see. Yes, more defeats and victories too.
  • Parents and siblings are always there for us, which we hardly notice.
  • We avoid things which we don’t like and we can’t digest if we aren’t liked.
  • Whatever we get/achieve with no or least efforts will not be given importance by us. Be it relationship, money, career or objects. It won’t last either.
  • Accidents happen, you can’t say that you follow safety rules, if you get hit by the one who doesn’t follow safety rules, it is also called accident. Accidents won’t see if you are perfect or not. It just happens like love.
  • You have to accept the fact that you failed, else you can never come back stronger.
  • End of a relationship isn’t end of our life.
  • At times you feel to run away from everything but you find some excuse that you shouldn’t.
  • You should act deaf in order to achieve you ambition, else those who talk in front of you and on your back will spoil your spirit.
  • Fight, fight till you bleed. The more you get hit the harder you fight.
  • You will know the real face of people only when you ask them a favor or help. The real face might be good or bad. But most of the times your judgement will go wrong.
  • What you learn will stick to you forever. What you study will stick with you for hours.
  • The more you earn, the more you spend.

Will add more if when I learn.


Prabakaran Thodithot Sembiyan

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