Funniest thing happened to me.

I have acute migraine for which I visit hospital frequently at midnight. One day I went to the hospital (where I regularly go) at 2 AM and was waiting for the Doctor to attend me.

After 10 minutes, doctor came and asked me what happened.

Me : I am having migraine for last few hours, I took THIS tablet, had these food for the last few days, I slept THESE many hours a day and I vomited thrice before coming here. I took THIS tablet for acidity.

Doctor : Ufff, so you don’t want me to ask anything. I mean I am the consultant here. It is good that you have analysed yourself. But I have been seeing you here for last few weeks often. How may I help you?

Me : *with a sheepish smile* Yes, I have been coming here often. Usually you prescribe me THIS injection for to reduce the pain and THIS injection for acidity. Can you repeat the same?

Doctor : Hahaha, ok SIR. (Calls out the nurse and tells her to give me the injections).

Me : Thanks.

When the nurse was giving me my injections, doctor came near.

Doctor : Nurse, don’t charge him for the consultation. He consulted himself and just confirmed it with us. Just charge him for pricking.

Nurse : Okay Sir.

Nurse : (To me) I have been seeing you here at odd times like this (after midnight).

Me : Yes, I have become a regular member 🙂

They charged me just for pricking, which was just 150 Rupees. The consultation charge after 10 PM in actually 400 Rupees 😀

I saved 400 Rupees. The friend who came with me and I were laughing a lot.

The very next day, I received a message from the hospital,

We have new offer for you to take the membership as you are one of our regular and valuable customer. To avail the offer please call XXXXXXXXX or visit our nearest branch.

The laughter continued again when I shared the message with my friends.


Prabakaran Thodithot Sembiyan

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