Who & What Am I?

What am I?

Am I a riddle waiting to be solved?

Am I a dream? Will I ever wake up?

Am I a flashback of someone? Will I get back to the REAL life?

Am I a narrator? If yes, when I I finish narrating this story?

Background :

Dreams, yes. There is a dream, which occurs at times (at least once in a year) for last 10-15 years. I couldn’t identify all the characters involved in the dream but there was my mom, me and two more persons in a room.

Kind of a reality show stage or a inquiry room I don’t know. But they keep on ask me“What happened next?”. To which my mom tells me, “Go ahead Praba, tell them the other incident”. Things gets to high speed (ultra slow motion) and I keep describing something to them.

Effects :

September 2015, I met up in a bike accident and was taken to surgery. I was given local anesthesia when the doctors were operating my hand. Later they gave me some heavy sedatives, which made me unconscious when the doctors were operating my leg. I started getting visions, the blurred color patterns started appearing and I was in control of my imaginations or thoughts.

I wanted to chase down my dream, I wanted to know What I am. I tried to alter the accident and succeeded too. Too many hallucinations came, one being the dream which I mentioned above.

I went there, I opened the door and wanted to have a look at myself. I wanted to solve all the puzzles inside my head but I couldn’t. The moment I opened the door, I was hearing noise and clattering. Slowly I was becoming conscious, with oxygen mask on my face and taken in the stretcher.

End Note :

Still waiting for the dream to be fulfilled. Waiting to find the real me, the meaning of my life, the secrets left behind in the dream. Hope one day I will find who and what I am.


Prabakaran Thodithot Sembiyan

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