Tricks I use.

I would like to quote three incidents, in which I believe I have done it wise with my tricks.

#1. Do not study, just learn.

Studying is the major problem of this generation. Students are asked to study for their exams instead of asking to learn for their life. I believe that we can never ride a bicycle  just by studying the user manual.

#2. Listen, Observe and Learn (LOL).

This is my mantra, which I conveyed to my juniors when I was delivering a seminar. We all know the other abbreviation/expansion of LOL. But this LOL will make you a successful person.

Look closely, the order in which the words are arranged. We should listen first, observe what we listen and learn what we observe. These three comes hand in hand in career and in life.

#3. Same to you.

This was one heated but turned out to be a funny incident. Two years back, when I came to Bangalore, I was staying in a Paying Guest Accommodation. There were guys from all over the country and there was always some bashing among the people of different languages.

One not so fine day, we (my roommates and I) had an argument with a fellow PG mate for his carelessness which made the water tank empty. The guy was from North India, he started abusing us in Hindi with the usual BC, MC and some other words, which I hardly remember. He was keep on shouting standing in front of our room.

I still don’t know how but I stepped up and said “Same to you”. Everyone burst into laughter and the guy tuned red face and started again with some BCs MCs.

PS : No discrimination of language is intended.


Prabakaran Thodithot Sembiyan

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