What I do when struck in Traffic?

Exploring different kinds of people.

I use bike for my daily commute, when I get struck in traffic I analyse people and their actions.

Be it a girl listening to the music with her headsets on and nodding/tilting head to the tune when she’s in window seat at bus.

Be it different bikes and cars trying to race each other as they show in Fast and Furious movie.

Be it auto walas drivin off road thinking that they own a dirt bike.

Be it old men/women waiting patiently for the signal to turn green.

Be it the kids in the pillion seat or in the back seat of car trying tops Raj with their eyes and gestures.

Be it the traffic police who tries to settle the traffic.

I explore them. I watch their actions, by that time the signal turns green and I mix in the crowd like a drop in the ocean.


Prabakaran Thodithot Sembiyan

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