Misconception about Life.

And they lived Happily ever after!

People believe that here is a stage in their life, where they can live happily ever after. But there isn’t any.

Life is all about success and failure. Everyone have some issues on their own, few show it to the world and few don’t. Life isn’t a fairy tale where we marry the love of our life, sleeping in the arms of each other and resting in peace.

“And they…LIVED! Life isn’t always ‘Happily Ever After’, rather, loving FOREVER, regardless.”
― Carmen DeSousa, She Belongs To Me

Even to Rest In Peace, we need to face the struggles in this world, need to face the issues life brings up to us.

When we attain success, don’t keep a full stop there, same applies for the failure too.Everything is a semicolon (;), success or failure is just a pit-stop in the journey of life, so does being joy or sad.

Inside Out movie has summed it up well, being happy is not the only best thing in world, to know what is happiness, one needs to experience the sadness too.

So yes, there was NO Happily ever after and there will not be one.


Prabakaran Thodithot Sembiyan

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