Blogging – A trip down the lane.

I used to participate in essay writing competitions when I was doing my academics, at times I participated in poetry writing too but I didn’t find that writing could be one of my passion. I was one of those students who wouldn’t copy and paste what text books say, I had always wrote what I observed and learnt during my classes with an extra layer of self confidence on the writing part, which helped me gain good ranks too. I hadn’t figured out that I could be a wanna be writer till then.

It all started when my friend Rajaprabhu suggested me a platform called Quora where people ask question of any sort and get answers from others. I started out there as a reader on Cricket and Football related questions, answers and posts whenever I got leisure. As the days passed, I started reading other things like TV series, Comics and Technology hacks on Quora, which never failed to amuse me.

I was going through a lean period in my personal life two years back and that was when I asked a question on Quora and waited for the answers by some of the regular writers there. Their words helped in rehabilitating myself which I thought would be difficult, but I was surprised to see the effect of someone else’s words reflecting in my life in a positive way. That’s when I decided that I have to write, be it a word or a full lengthy paragraph, it should help someone in getting their life better.

I started writing answers from June 2015 and kept on writing answers whenever I got enough time to spend on Quora, by September 2015, I had already written 100+ answers but got very poor reception among the audience, I thought I was doing something wrong, then I realized that I was writing to impress people instead of writing to fulfill myself. I slowly rectified the mistake and started proof reading every single answer I wrote as a third person, only the answers that gave me satisfaction as a reader were posted and slowly I started getting the reception among the audience.

By March 2016, I got around 1000 followers after writing 600+ answers on Quora, then I started focusing on the content and started writing Anecdotes and Fiction. I have a strange gift that I can remember my dreams (most of them) even after I get up, I decided to start converting my dreams into fictional posts on quora which helped me in writing variety of contents. Around July 2016, I got in touch with a fellow Quora member Shruthi Jothsana, who insisted me that I should write my posts for Terribly Tiny Tales, which I did but failed to impress the audience there. Then she asked me to create my own blog and start posting. It seemed legit, why answer the question of others when you can write on your own without any questions? By that time I had already written 1400 answers but only 4 blog posts on Quora.

With the help of Shruthi Jothsana, I brought this site up, started converting all my thoughts into words since August 2016. The very first post of mine was about a trip in which I went for a trek. The trek tested my life and potential in just few hours and I decided to write that as my very first blog post. I quit quora after that due to some personal reasons and started writing only on WordPress ever since.

Had it not been for Rajaprabhu and Shruthi Jothsana, I am afraid that I would have spent time on being idle instead of writing. I take this moment to thank both of them for giving me a fortune with writing.


Prabakaran Thodithot Sembiyan

8 thoughts on “Blogging – A trip down the lane.

  1. Ji, you have a come a long way after that. Your short thodar-stories πŸ™‚ , all personal traveling experiences and many more to go! πŸ™‚ Wish you all success! πŸ˜€ and podhum ji, you are welcome πŸ™‚

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