Cyanide Swindler #3

Previously on Cyanide Swindler

On investigating a serial killer who murders the victims with cyanide, Inspector Arbaaz was assigned with a team to proceed further. On his findings, Arbaaz found a clue that there was a hotel booking the night before all the murders in a nearby lodge to the location of the murders and a common name Bhaskara associated with it. Meanwhile, Karthik, a retired professor gets in touch with Madumitha a single working woman and earns her friendship.


After Arbaaz found out a common name Bhaskara in the lodges where the criminal stayed, he got a new lease of life to proceed further in cornering the murderer associated with the crimes. On investigating further in Radhika’s case, Arbaaz found that Radhika’s mobile was missing from the day of her murder. The investigation team decided to contact the family members of Radhika to know the number she was using before her death. After they got the number, the cyber crime division took over the tracing all the calls that have been made since two months before she was missing and found out she was on call with a number at late nights but none of her friends or family know who that was.

On investigating further, they found out the name on whom the number was registered, which came out as a shock to Arbaaz. “The number to which Radhika was talking day and night belonged to Sarala, the previous last victim of the murderer”. Arbaaz also got an information that Radhika’s number was active few days ago near Mangalore but was erratic, it went offline soon after few minutes. Arbaaz alerted the Mangalore police as well, to triangulate the position of Radhika’s number if it comes online again.

Meanwhile, Madumitha got close with Karthik as they began a new friendship which brought two strangers who met on a bus stop close. Madumitha kept on asking why Karthik keeps his mobile switched off but Karthik replied with a lame answer that he prefers talking in person instead of talking over phone. Karthik convinced her saying mobile phone doesn’t bring people closer, it just creates an illusion like people are closer.

Two days later, Madumitha asked Karthik to meet her on a park near by, to have The Talk with Karthik about the friendship(?) they both shared. Madumitha never felt such a feeling on anyone in her recent times, she always thought that she could live alone, forever but Karthik came out of syllabus. When she opened her feelings to Karthik, he smiled, he didn’t utter a word but left the place in a flash, without even saying bye for formality. Madumitha was shattered, she thought its all over between him and her, she started regretting the fact that she opened herself to him and told that she has feelings for him. Feeling all dejected, she sat on the bench.

Minutes later,

Karthik came with a


Kneeling in front of Madumitha with a warm smile, “he asked her those three words, 14 letters, Will you marry me? Madumitha?”

There started a love story between Karthik and Madumitha. She never bothered about his whereabouts or what kind of person he is, outside her world, but Karthik became sure that there’s no one for Madumitha even to share her happiness or sorrows. After few days, Madumitha asked Karthik if he could take her out somewhere, to which Karthik obliged after a long pause. She didn’t even have a clue what she was welcoming then.

The same weekend, Madumitha and Karthik went to Coorg, a hill station in Karnataka which is a tourist attraction for its pleasant weather and greenness. They went to book a room, where Karthik took care of it, Madumitha lost herself in the nature and was waiting outside the hotel with luggage. Minutes later, Karthik called her in and handed her the key to their room, when she turned towards the stairs, Karthik had a wry smile in his face.

They both took ample rest in the whole evening and decided to go out the next morning, there was no problem till they both were sleeping alone, moments later, the lonely place and the togetherness they felt made them to go intimate. Moments later they were in each others’ arms cuddling, they both couldn’t overcome their hormonal imbalance and adrenaline rush and went on to have intercourse.

They both were happy after they shared their moments, suddenly Karthik got up from cuddling Madumitha and asked her to get dressed to go outside. When she asked why, he told that he is afraid of Madumitha getting conceived as they didn’t use any protective measures during their moment. Madumitha tried to convince him but he was not ready to accept any of it. He forced her to get dressed so that they can go the near by pharmacy and get some contraceptives for her to avoid pregnancy, he also told her to remove all her jewels and keep it in the bag as it isn’t safe for new people out there in public at this time of evening, Madumitha agreed and started with him too.

When they found a medical shop, Karthik went and got contraceptives, but he didn’t hand it to Madumitha, instead he ripped off the cover and kept it in his pocket, Madumitha was surprised by his act but decided not to ask him why. As it was post dinner time, they both went to a restaurant near bus depot of Coorg, after finishing their meal, Karthik asked Madumitha to take the pill immediately as he doesn’t want to take any chance towards her condition, Madumitha agreed too. She started having an urge to pee, for which she went to the restroom which was available in the bus depot itself. She also took the pill and a water bottle with her to take it after she gets over with nature’s call.

There was no sign of Madumita for ten minues, Karthik waited for her outside the bus depot but there was no sign of Madumita coming out from the restroom. Karthik talked to himself,

Poor you, Madumitha.

You didn’t even have any idea that I have laced that contraceptive pill with cyanide, which could have killed you by now. But I’m sorry, I had no other choice.

Without wasting any time, he rushed to the hotel where they booked the room, he took all her money and jewels in her back pack and took her phone also on his way back. He threw the mobile which he was using till then, the one originally belonged to Radhika (the previous victim) and flew.

Image Credits : Birth Control

Meanwhile inside the restroom, Madumita was found talking to herself about taking the contraceptive pill. She didn’t see that she was inside the restroom for more than 15 minutes, she finally decided to live with the baby if that’s her fate but she wouldn’t take a contraceptive pill to kill the baby if there’s any chance. 

Madumita threw the pill in the dustbin and went out to meet Karthik, who was missing. 

On the other hand, Arbaaz got a call from Mangalore divison Cyber crime division that Radhika’s number was activated for few hours in Coorg. Arbaaz and his team decided to round up the criminal and keep a full stop to the case.

When Madumita went to hotel room, the room was locked, she inquired the receptionist and got an answer that Bhaskara sir vacated the room ten minutes back.

Madumitha was confused, why would Karthik give a fake name as Bhaskara? Or is it his Alias which he never mentioned? Where’s Karthik? Why did he vacate the room when she was not there?

Will Madumitha find her answers? Will Arbaaz find and imprison the murderer? Where is Karthik and who really is Karthik?

Stay tuned to find answers.

To be finished in the next article…


Prabakaran Thodithot Sembiyan

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