Voice for Jallikattu

It’s been months that the voice from various groups and organizations supporting Jallikattu but the Supreme court still stands by its view towards Jallikattu. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) – India, says that Jallikattu isn’t a sport but it is a way of people showing their cruelty towards the animal. Let us agree to disagree PETA, what you are saying is half right, we don’t treat Jallikattu as a sport which we play to please ourselves or entertain the audience. It is a tradition of ours which originated from a very long time ago. Irrespective of the views and voice of others, I declare my support for Jallikattu(ஏறு தழுவுதல்) in my own way.


Image Credits : Jallikattu

What is Jallikattu?

Jallikattu is an event where the professionally trained bulls will be let out in the open arena for the youngsters to show their strength and determination to hop on its hump and travel few meter distance with the bull, it is to test the strength and stamina of both men and bulls in the process. The bull which crosses the finish line without more men climbing on it will be considered as winner and will get lot of prizes, the same with men, who travels for long distance will be gifted with prizes. There’s a wild belief that the bulls are being tortured by beating and poking them to provoke their anger, but that isn’t the case in the reality. Every year many men get injured in the events when they lose their control over the bull.

Why Jallikattu?

Wikipedia says,

“Jallikattu (Tamil: ஜல்லிக்கட்டு,சல்லிக்கட்டு, Jallikattu) also known as Eruthazhuvuthal (Tamil: ஏறுதழுவல், ērutazhuval) or Manju virattu (Tamil: மஞ்சு விரட்டு), is an event of hugging or embracing the bull and it is held in Indian state Tamil Nadu as a part of Pongal celebrations on Maatu Pongal day. Bulls are bred specifically by people of the village for the event and attended mainly by many villages’ temple bulls (koil kaalai). A temple bull is like the head of all cattle in a village; special rituals will be performed for this temple bull during important days. During the event, prizes are announced to encourage the youth to participate. After the event, tamed weak bulls are used for domestic activities and agriculture, meanwhile the untamable strong bulls are used for breeding the cows. Thus wild nature of the bulls are inherited to its next generation, even though these country bulls are domesticated a very long time ago.”

Jallikattu (ஏறு தழுவுதல்), is a process of finding highly trained bull which has more strength, power and skills to overpower men in general, the bulls that participate in the Jallikattu will be taken for insemination (the introduction of semen into a woman or a female animal by natural or artificial means) so that the cows can produce highly mutated calf in future. These mutation not only allows the calf to be stronger, but also helps in the gene level mutation which makes the calf to produce more milk if its a female calf or more power if its a male one.

Who are against Jallikattu?

PETA India, a self proclaimed animal lover/care taker group which was formed in India few years ago, they say that jallikattu is an act of harming animals in a way that they will be tortured to death. The PETA organization is assumed to be backed by multinational companies who want to take over the cattle breed in India and to over power us, Indians by marketing their own milk and milk related products in future.

Why ban Jallikattu?

We might think that’s not possible but it isn’t highly impossible too. It has already happened in many other ways in our very own country India. 20 years back, the country breed dogs were the one which decorated our homes as a friend, as a family member and as a security guard. But slowly the country breed was over looked by the imported breed of dogs varying from Dane, German Shepherd to Pit Bull, which slowly destroyed the country breed dogs in the nation. Even now, the dogs in the cities and villages are more of foreign breeds but not the national breeds. The national breed dogs eat anything and everything and it doesn’t need a special care towards them, they were like our very own family members but these foreign breed dogs need special care, starting from the food they eat to the soap they need to be washed, all of a sudden dogs became a decorative element in the houses on Indians, which opened a business market for the foreign companies to sell their items for dogs.

All the country dogs became stray dogs in 10 years time, if the same thing happens to country breed bulls, we have to be dependent on multinational companies for milk products.

The country breed slowly will be killed and the MNCs start marketing their breed of cattle in India and start making it as a different level of business starting from charging hell lot of money for insemination to taking control over the pricing system of milk products just like petroleum products. Then people slowly will move towards the foreign mutated cattle and it’s products from the natural breeds which eventually leads to country breed becoming extinct.

If banning Jallikattu becomes success,

our future generations can see the country breed bulls

only in the text book with pictures.

Controversies towards Jallikattu ban

Many Tamil people believe that ban and protests against Jallikattu is an act of vengence towards a certain community of Indians, Tamils. People who loves Jallikattu and who prepares the bulls for the event claims that bulls are one of their family members whom they worship as god figures, there’s no cruelty as PETA or other organizations claim.

For a country which exports beef in mass number (slaughtering),

PETA raises its voice,

only against Jallikattu.

Doesn’t it seem weird?

If PETA is really against animal cruelty, they should have protested against the export of beef, which is a mas slaughtering. Without any studies or investigation, anyone with naked eye can prove that animal slaughtering is the real cruelty, I would have been one of the member to support PETA had they protested against it, but the harsh reality is they are only against Jallikattu.

In few states of India, Camel has been slaughtered and used as a mode of transport too, but PETA never raised their voice against it. In few states of India, elephants are used in all the temples and are used as a decorative element in the temples and marriage ceremonies, on many occasions, the elephants lost their control and killed people as an aftermath of their outrageous moods, PETA kept their mouth shut even then, then why should PETA raise their voice only against Jallikattu?

The more we look deeper, the more we will come to know about why PETA is only against Jallikattu, they just want to make the natural breed extinct and bring in Jersey and other breeds of cattle in India, a country which has population in billions, which eventually leads to a mass profit once they land their breed of cattle.

I am a Tamizhan,

I support Jallikattu,

It is our culture,

It is our Tradition,

It is our symbol of life,

Which lasts more than 2000 years.


If you think this post doesn’t make any sense, please do a case study about the same, you will know more shocking information than the very few I have provided.

As a Tamizhan, I dedicate this to my fellow Tamizhans who are supporting Jallikattu.


Prabakaran Thodithot Sembiyan.


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