Cyanide Swindler #2

Arbaaz was brought to attention about the last victim Sarala, a 36 year old widow who lived in the outskirts of Bangalore, was found dead in Madikkeri. Her case was similar to the one of Radhika, the recent victim except for that Sarala was dressed like a new bride who was about to get married. That increased the confusion to another level. Was Sarala robbed and killed before her marriage? What was Sarala doing there in a hill station, all dressed up like a bride? Too many questions piled up in Arbaaz’s mind.

In few minutes, Arbaaz got a call from Raguvaran, who shared a shocking information about the case history. So, as far as serial murders go, there was a common link of Cyanide killing through the cases. Yet, for five years nobody saw any link between women’s bodies at bus stations and the way they were dead. All cases were consigned to ‘unnatural deaths’ and ‘suspected suicides’ but no attempt was made to identify them and trace their families. While postmortems in all cases revealed poisoning, blood samples of only two victims were sent for forensic tests. Even after the forensic tests revealed that the poisoning was caused by cyanide, a chemical not easily available and not certainly commonly used in suicides, the police department didn’t investigate further as there were no one to whom they have to answer.

Arbaaz and Raguvaran decided to straight things out this time, they decided not to let any questions unanswered in the quest of cornering the swindler who is responsible for the deaths of plenty of middle aged women.


The search and investigation for the serial killer goes on in a full swing but no progress in cornering the person who was responsible for the murders, the swindler gets ready for yet another episode of his very own signature murder.

Mangalore, a city in Karnataka famous for its coastal cuisine and beaches. It was a friday night where there were dogs howling to welcome the night, there was a tea stall near by the bus stop and few people were there, having their tea and cigarettes. Madumitha, a 28 year old working woman from Mangalore is waiting for her bus in a deserted bus stop at the outskirts of Mangalore, a city in Karnataka. Madumitha was sad and depressed, she let many buses go and didn’t board on one for a hour, though it is late night. Seeing her standing alone for a very long time, a man approached her and initiated a conversation. Madumitha was afraid for a minute but didn’t show the same on her face.

The man introduced himself as Karthik, a 38 year old professor who voluntarily retired from his service few years back. Madumitha introduced herself as a working woman who works for a logistics company in Mangalore. After a formal introduction, Karthik started asking her why she’s not boarding into any buses that stop by, for which Madumitha replied that she got fired from her job as her company went down on the business. Karthik showered some nice words which soothed her, she started trusting a stranger for the first time, may be it is because of her situation where she wanted a person to let out all her frustration to.

After a brief talk, Karthik asked if she can accompany him for a tea, for which Madumitha obliged. When they were having their tea, they started sharing about their lives, Karthik told Madumitha that he got divorced six years back and been living alone since then. Madumitha told she’s living alone after her parents passed away few years back due to terminal illness and she didn’t marry yet as she was running around her job lately. Time flew and they both didn’t recognize that its past 11 PM, Karthik offered to drop her home and Madumitha agreed for the same.


When Karthik dropped her home, Madumitha asked for his contact so that she can be in touch with him. Karthik gave his number to her, they both departed after a formal friendly hug. Till then Madumitha didn’t know that she was talking to an imposter who is wanted for murders.

Meanwhile Arbaaz found a clue in his investigation that the night before every murder, there was a booking in a nearby hotel for two days with the name Bhaskara, but without any address and phone number. On digging further the investigation team came to know that the room was booked for two persons for two days and three nights. The tenants, a lady and a guy came in together but on checkout the lady was always missing. That new piece of information gave a spark to Arbaaz that the patterns and the name used in all the crimes were not only similar but were all same and committed by the same person.

To be continued…


Prabakaran Thodithot Sembiyan

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