Cyanide Swindler #1

A dark and silent night where the wind blows like whistle with its contact with the trees in the surroundings, most of the houses and shops in the town Maddur (at the river bed of Cauveri, Karnataka) were closed already except for the few in the bus depot. A lady entered the pay and use toilet facility inside the bus depot, in a fraction of second, she shouted “aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh” on top of her voice. Listening to her voice, people assembled to see what had happened there and they witnessed a lady, probably 28-32 was collapsed on the floor, neither did the lady carry a bag nor did she wear any jewels.

When a lady checked if she’s still alive, the lady on the floor was not breathing. Being afraid of the situation, a person called 108 – Emergency Ambulance service number, another person called 100 – Police Control room and reported the incident. Within 30 minutes, there were sounds of two sirens, ambulance siren followed by police siren. The emergency response team checked the lady for vitals and pulse, they declared that the lady is dead already.

The police took over the custody of the lady’s corpse and sent it for autopsy to the nearest hospital to determine the cause of death. Hours later, a group of doctors came out from the autopsy theater and told the Inspector Arbaaz that the victim died because of the consumption of Cyanide, a deadly chemical mixture which can not be obtained easily. The doctors also told that the victim had intercourse hours before her death but not raped. There were no symptoms of forced sexual assault or any internal injuries too, except the fact that she was poisoned by cyanide, on her own or by someone else..

The case just got sensitive, till then police thought its just yet another suicide case that has been happening once in a while but the autopsy information just changed their take on the incident. When Inspector Arbaaz and his team investigated about the lady who died, they found that there was a missing person complaint made about the lady and the lady was found to be Radhika, a 30 year old divorced women from Bangalore who went for a trip to Mysore 10 days back and found missing since then. When Arbaaz talked to Radhika’s family, they came to know that Radhika was carrying cash, wallet and wore jewels worth 50 thousand when she left. Arbaaz connected the dots soon, it was a planned incident to steal the belongings, but the question of why cyanide and why sexual intercourse confused him a lot.

Arbaaz’s senior officer Raguvaran told Arbaaz that he recollects a similar incident which happened 6 months back, where they found a lady, dead, after autopsy they found that the lady had intercourse without any injuries and consumed cyanide to die. Suddenly all the dots got connected and Raguvaran and Arbaaz found that the similarities are not just coincidence but a planned murders by the same person in the recent time. They decided to look onto the case seriously. After a week gap, Arbaaz collected the evidences and case history of similar such instances which happened in the last three years time. There were 60 such cases, where the lady went missing, found dead few days later and the source of death was the consumption of cyanide. All the ladies were found to have sexual intercourse before their death.

The police department of Karnataka appointed a special team to find the serial killer. There was no definite motive which could be found other than stealing the little cash and the jewels they wore. The incidents happened throughout the state of Karnataka but no one filed a complaint too, all were just missing persons found dead complaints. The police department were keen on not letting the media know even a single move of theirs so that they can catch the killer with less time. The search and investigation for the Cyanide Swindler started there.

To be continued…

PS : Based on a true story.


Prabakaran Thodithot Sembiyan

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