Single, but wedlocked. #The Finale

So Far on Single, but wedlocked

Ankita a fell in love with Ajay, who runs his own YouTube channel about cooking. Ankita and Ajay talked to each other and liked each other in the beginning, later Ankita told Ajay that she’s married, awaiting divorce, after few months Ajay accepted Ankita’s love and decided to talk with his parents. When the conversation started, his parents were shocked to see their son loving a divorcee to be.


Mom and Dad : What else are we expecting from you now? Is there any other shocking news left?

Ankita : Aunty, I’m married. 

*mom and dad are spell bounded now* 

Ankita : I’m about to apply for divorce, so I’m a divorcee to be.

Mom and Dad : Ajay, we should have a private conversation now.

Ajay went to kitchen with his mom and dad. There was silence for few seconds, then mom whispered to dad, “Go on, ask him”. Dad initiated what could be one of the important conversation in Ajay’s life.

Dad continued, “Ajay, Do you know what you are up to? First you give us a shock saying you are in Love, then the girl whom you loves comes with a huge bomb saying she’s married and yet to get divorce. What do you want us to do now? Invite her inside and hand over the house keys to her and see you getting married with her? Let us be practical Ajay, I don’t think this is possible, yes, we gave you freedom of choice, we have always set you free by the trust we had that you won’t do anything wrong. Once you broke the trust by saying you drink, but we let it go as we were confident on you that you will stop one day, that’s why we never forced you out of drinking but now? We can’t give you the same reception now. Love is something we always value but it comes with some terms and conditions and the first of it will be Never love someone’s wife. But look at what you did Ajay, we don’t know how to react, that’s the truth.”

That was unacceptable behaviour, young man

Mom added, “Ajay, I always have a dream about your marriage that how grand it should be and who all to invite, but you tell me that you are in love with a divorcee to be. Had she not been in her situation right now, we both would have accepted her not only as our daughter in law but as a daughter too, but I’m sorry Ajay, I can’t accept this even if your dad agrees to it, which I know he won’t.”

Ajay felt like a 15 year old kid who just lost his spectacles while playing, his parents were conversing with him the same way as if he had committed crime.His parents’ answer was excruciating for Ajay, he always knew that there will be such arguments but he thought his parents will let him share his concerns on why he chose her. Ajay, for the first time, decided to talk about his love for Ankita, which even Ankita didn’t know yet.

“Mom, dad, I agree with all your views but do you guys even want to know why I’m in love with this person. Whether you say yes or no, this is what happened actually. I happened to meet Ankita through an online social media, we both liked each other’s interests, we started talking to one another through texts and started liking each other’s ideology and perception towards life. Till then I didn’t know that she’s married, I even prayed that she shouldn’t be committed with someone or having a crush on someone. Then we both started talking through calls at random which made us know more about each other, then the random calls became a habit over a period of two months, we both shared literally everything we were going through in our routine. Slowly I started liking her more than a friend, actually I never thought that she could be a friend of mine, I just thought we both will talk for some days and look after our careers respectively, that didn’t happen either.”

“One more month later, we became very close and I developed a crush on her, just when I was about to tell her that I had a crush on her but I didn’t as she was upset, when I was asking her why, she told me that she’s married and her marriage life went havoc due to the abuses she received from her husband and his family. Yes, just like a basket ball hitting the face, I felt like she had shut all the doors on my face and decided not to develop any kind of feelings on her and move on, which slowly I did too. She never knew that I had a crush on her, till date.” He added a statement,


“When I had moved on already from having feelings on her and started respecting her as a bold person, one of her friends called me and told Ankita is happy only because of me and she loves me. That was another shock for me, when I asked Ankita about the same, she obliged and proposed me in the middle of the road. She just said, ‘Ajay, talk to your parents, If they agree, I will be the bestest half for you’. She insisted your decision on moving forward. I replied her the same that ‘Only if my parents agree, I can answer you’. But over a period of time, I was in a dilemma whether to accept her proposal or not, but in the fear of losing her, I accepted her proposal and took her here right now. Even now, I’m not here to argue or fight with you and be with her, I want your wholehearted permission to be with her. Even Ankita doesn’t know how much I love her, I want you guys to know that first. That’s the respect I have on you. I’m not urging, I can wait and will wait till you guys accept my love.

Eavesdropping all these from a distance, Ankita understood his love for her for the first time, learnt why he had always been inexpressive, cried, ran, hugged Ajay from the back and she whispered at Ajay’s parents, “I too will wait Aunty and Uncle, I hope you will accept me and his as US. Now, I will leave.” 

After Ankita left Ajay’s home, there was silence for more than a hour, no one was ready to talk about the incident which just happened. Time flew, at last Ajay’s mom called everyone for lunch and started serving. Slowly she started asking Ajay how much does he love her. He patiently told everything again from the beginning, his mom for the first time listened to him, so did his dad.

Ajay’s parents told him that they will reconsider his proposal but need some time. Ajay replied that he has all the time in the world for the same.

Few months have passed and still Ajay and Ankita waited for Ajay’s parents’ decision on their journey further. Ajay and Ankita met as usual in a restaurant for dinner, when their dinner was being served, Ajay got a call from his dad. The conversation went like,

Dad : Ajay, do I have a minute to talk to you? 

Ajay : Yes, Dad, anything important?

Dad : It’s about, ummmm, you and Ankita.

Ajay : *getting anxious* One minute dad, I will go to a place where there’s no noise.

Dad : Ajay, I don’t want to beat around the bush, here’s our decision. The relationship which you and Ankita are having now looks like an extra martial affair. But.

Ajay : Dad???????????

Dad : Yes, Ajay, it sounds the same, your mom and I can not approve your relationship now. We do agree, relationship is a matter of two hearts getting into a bond which can never be taken apart, we do understand that your life will be great if you are with the woman you love and cherish, we do accept that it’s you, who will be spending the rest of the life with her but not us. We hardly have 20 years in our bucket but you do have 50 years in yours. Your mom and I came to a decision that ONLY IF she gets divorced, we can proceed further, not now. Let us hold this topic till then.

Ajay : Dad, I’m extremely happy that you made such a decision and made me happy. Love you a lot dad. I will inform the same to her now, one minute dad.

Ajay tells Ankita that his family accepted them but want her to be a divorcee first to proceed further. To which Ankita says it might take an year to go with court proceedings Ajay, and asks him if he can wait. He says a big yes and continues the call with his dad.

Ajay : Dad, Ankita told me that it might even take an year to get the divorce. Can we wait dad?

Dad : Ajay, when you can wait, we will wait too, with you. We love you Ajay, we love you a lottle.

Ajay hung up the call with tears rolling on his eyes, he became happy, happier and the happiest in a gap of few minutes. He informed the same to Ankita and they both hugged and shed tears of joy, probably for the first time in their recent life. They both decided to wait it out and proceed further.

A year later,

Ankita got her divorce happily and turned up to Ajay’s place, Ajay became happy and called his dad and conveyed the message to them. His parents, to his surprise told him that they have already fixed the marriage date after talking to Ankita’s parents a week back when they heard that the verdict will be out soon. Ankita knew it too but Ankita and Ajay’s parents decided to keep it as a surprise for Ajay as he totally worth it.

They both got married and started their what’s not so happily ever after life, but a life that they both wanted.

******The End******


Prabakaran Thodithot Sembiyan

Eavesdropping: Secretly listen to a conversation.

Excruciating: Intensely painful.

Lottle : Like little, but a lot.

12 thoughts on “Single, but wedlocked. #The Finale

  1. Nicely narrated story. There are very few glitches in the conversational flow. That you will improve over the period. I can witness a great effort and wonderful writer in you praba. All the very best !! Keep it up ##

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