Single, but wedlocked.

Ankita, yet another prey to the corporate life, who works for the MNC like there’s no tomorrow. Who lost her life outside the office just like the rest of the corporate employees. The only escape from reality for her  was watching videos in YouTube. She is an ardent fan of cooking and baking and followed almost every channel she came across, about cooking.

One fine day, when she was looking at various cooking recipes, she came across a link suggested by YouTube. She watched the video, there was nothing extraordinary but the person who was cooking in the video. It was a guy, Ajay, probably 25 years old, who mentioned that he is also one of the MNC employee who fell prey to the corporate world. But his interest in cooking and posting it on YouTube looked different for her. She asked herself why she never thought of that. She liked one of his videos and moved on to other videos.

Days later she started following Ajay keenly, he had posted around 100 videos and she watched every single one of them in few weeks and started liking his work. She then tried to google him and found his Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram profiles. She started following him like a stalker and kept in touch with every posts he posted in all the forums. Months passed, Ankita kept following his posts on YouTube but stopped herself from liking posts on Facebook and Instagram as she just wanted to be a silent follower of him.

She started telling her friends that Ajay, The Cook is her crush. When her friends asked her to proceed further, she denied it by saying , “He is my crush only because I don’t talk to him, I don’t know if I have the guts to face if he doesn’t like me when I tell him that I like him”. Her friends agreed that she’s right and stopped forcing her to open up to Ajay. She stayed as a silent observer of him.

One day when she was scrolling through his Instagram, she liked one of his pictures without her knowledge. She regretted but decided not to unlike it as she thought Ajay will not notice it. But Ajay had other ideas, he was surprised by getting a like from a person who isn’t in the list of followers he had, he thought it is some security breach and thought of reporting the profile. When he selected the profile of Ankita, he saw that she mentioned she’s a writer and mentioned her blog URL.

Ajay went through her blogs and was surprised by her words and use of creativity towards the feelings and experiences she had. He subscriber her blog and came back to Instagram, he dropped a message to her saying, “You are good at expressing the feelings and emotions, keep it up. Looking forward for more such good contents from you” and he left. He thought that will be just another message for her, but it wasn’t one. When Ankita read the message, she was happy, became happier and ended up the happiest person for few hours. She told every friends of her’s about the message she received from The Cook.  Her friends then told her to initiate the conversation.

She replied, that she’s one of his biggest fan come follower and she had watched every single post made by him and tried out few recipes, which turned out well. They both continued their conversation on Instagram for two three weeks continuously and they both started liking each other. Ankita started developed feelings for him, Ajay did too. Ajay came to know that he’s a year younger to her and got disappointed, she started teasing him by calling him Junior Crush and he replied back with Senior Crush. She finally became happy that she found someone whom she imagined life with.

One day when Ajay asked Ankita why she’s sounding negative at times.

Ankita told Ajay that she’s married.

Ajay was shocked to know that she’s married, when he wasn’t able to come out of the shock that she’s elder to him, another bomb exploded saying that she’s already married. Ajay for once thought he’s unlucky and decided to stop having feelings for her. He convinced himself many times saying that it was never meant to be a relationship, that’s why there are more hurdles in the factor of age, marriage and everything. img_1852

Ajay then listened to her past, Ankita told that she was ill treated, abused physically, verbally, beaten and asked to bring money and what not. She also told him that she’s awaiting divorce. Ajay felt why Ankita had such a drastic life when she deserves something better, no, the best. She earned respect from Ajay. Ajay then tried not to talk about his feelings or her past and moved on with the flow. They talked every day and learnt a lot about each other in another month’s time.

One day Ankita’s friend Prashant called Ajay and told that Ankita is happy only because of Ajay. She continued,

“Ajay, Ankita used to be a dull, pessimistic person for last one and half year, she never smiled from her eyes, she tried to end her life once too. She gave up fighting for her life and was just surviving every single day in this world. Then she met you, now she’s happy, we could see her happiness, she’s taking care of her like never before and she’s smiling from eyes and heart.”

Ajay replied that it was not him, just that she needed someone to push her off the limits and he’s glad that he’s one of the person. Later Prashant told that Ankita’s been telling that she’s happy only because of you Ajay, she’s crazy on you. To which Ajay replied nothing. Then Prashant asked Ajay if he could meet her to discuss further.

Prashant brought Ankita the day they planned to meet, the first ever meeting of Ajay and Ankita became a surprise to both of them. Then they just talked normally for a while and they left off. Again Prashant called and asked Ajay if he is ready for the next big step. Ajay took a step back and told Prashant that it isn’t a matter of two minutes, it is about the rest of the life and he needed time. They also decided not to talk about this further until other things become normal from Ankita’s side.

Days passed and there was coldness and silence between the two of them. Ajay told Ankita about what Prashant spoke to him. Ankita was surprised and spell bounded by her friend’s action. She had no other words that sorry, she apologized Ajay and assured that it will not happen again. She told that Prashant  wanted her to be happy that’s why she asked you that directly.

As the silence between the two broke, Ajay asked Ankita, Are they true Ankita? Do you really have feelings for me? Do you love me?”. 


For which Ankita replied, “Yes Ajay, that’s true. Though I have to apologize, I have to accept that I really do Love you.” Ajay was awestruck, he couldn’t believe what he heard. Just when he’s trying to move on from the feelings he had on her, she told him that she loves him. Ajay didn’t know how to react, so he just told her that he needs some time and ended the conversation with a good note. They decided to meet after few days. Ankita promised that she will tell Ajay everything she’s been hiding within her for these many days, Ajay agreed to meet her too, to know the entire story. When they two met, they went for a walk in a street which was half empty, it was after dusk and the conversation began

Ajay : So Ankita, you promised that you will tell me everything when we meet. 

Ankita : Yes, Ajay. I don’t know where and how to start it.

Ajay : *silence*

Ankita : *after two minutes of silence, in the middle of the road,* Ajay, talk to your parents, if they agree, I will be the bestest half for you in all terms, and, I love you.

Ajay : *after a minute silence* Ankita, I just need time, it is not something we can decide in a day or two, more over you are elder to me, I need time to tell you a reply.

Ankita : Do you love me Ajay?

Ajay : I will let you know the answer after talking to my parents.

Ankita : Ajay, also keep in mind that I am single, but…

Ajay  : Married? 

Ankita : No, Wedlocked.

Ajay : *silence*

Wedlock :  The state of being a married couple voluntarily joined for life (or until divorce).

To be continued….


Prabakaran Thodithot Sembiyan


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