An Entangled Love Story

Rahul, a budding artist who majorly concentrates on sketching portraits based on real life incidents and his experiences towards life. His paintings slowly gave him a good reception because of which he became one of the artists to be noticed keenly for his art works. Rahul got few friends on his journey towards his art and few good critics who never misses to point out what’s wrong with the painting or how it could have been better, he accepted their suggestions with a wide smile.


Image Credits : Love Photography

Few months down the line, Rahul met Anjali, who was one of the fans of his art works. Anjali and Rahul had a formal conversation the day they met. As the days passed, Anjali dig every sketches of Rahul’s works and found a new meaning in them as she looked them every single time. Anjali became a admirer from being a fan and started encouraging Rahul to come up with more sketches. As the time passed, they both knew each others’ passion, likes, dislikes and the view of each others’ life. Rahul came to know that photography is one of her’s passion.

A month later, Rahul asked Anjali if she could take photographs of him, he wanted to be captured by someone else as he was tired of sketching others due to requests. She obliged with a 32 teeth wide smile, a grin with cheeks turning pink. The day arrived, Anjali saw Rahul through her camera lens but captured with her eyes. She started to fall for him, which she tried to express many times but Rahul never listened or observed the symptoms and signs she showed. They went out few times together, she showed the glimpse of she liking him every time she could, she wanted to get the attention of him but Rahul was always talking about the stories behind his every sketches. When they went out for dinner, Rahul concentrated on food whereas Anjali concentrated and admired him enjoying his food. She always quoted that Rahul relates with Joey when it comes to food and Ross when it comes to detailing the work. She knew that he loved his work and she never complained about his absence of mind whenever she’s with him.


Image Credits : Love Photography

One fine day, Rahul and Anjali started talking about their view on relationships and their past. Both of them had past, which changed and transformed them to be a better person than they were before. Anjali still had a hope and belief of love whereas Rahul had already decided that relationship is not his cup of tea. Out of the blue Anjali told Rahul that she always had a crush on him. Rahul was stunned by her statement and took few minutes to gather himself up, she even revealed that she tried to give hints and glimpses of her liking towards him which went in vain.

Rahul started realizing how much love she showered even when nothing was reciprocated. She always had been a good listener but he realized that he had never been one. Rahul felt that he had been a ignorant idiot so far, he wanted to make amends for the same. Rahul confessed to Anjali that he too liked her from the beginning but always felt that she just looked him as an artist and a friends but nothing more than that.

As they both spoke from their heart, they both felt that they have complicated the friendship they had for the last six months. They continued sharing about how they admired each other, when she brought up the topic about food and how he never bothered her sitting next to him, he replied that he was unable to look at her eyes for more than few seconds as he fell for her every time he looked into her eyes and avoided eye contact. By now they both understood that they both liked each other from the beginning of their friendship but never gave it a shot to become more than friends, being afraid if the friendship will be lost.

After all the drama that night, they both decided to meet the very next day and sort things out. They both had different plans towards life, they both had different views of relationship. As they both thought that the other person didn’t like them, they moved on and were ready to see what life might bring in future. When he asked if they could work it out, she replied with a No. She reasoned that even if they try to work it out, it is impossible to overcome the hurdles in convincing the parents in terms of region, family values, language, eating habits and the caste they belong to.

But they didn’t want to miss each other, they decided to go out once as mutual crush, as the person who loves one sided. This time he noticed every movement of her’s and she admired the pink cheeks of him. Rahul even made eye contact for more than few seconds. Few minutes later they both were close to each other with just a gap for the air to flow, he started listening to her eyes for the first time.

The more he looked into her eyes the more they both became closer, after a while there wasn’t even gap for air to flow and he asked her if he can kiss her, through his eyes. She obliged.

They both kissed each other.


image Credits : First Kiss

What could have been two one sided love stories began as two sided love story.

But just for few minutes.

They both were happy, at least for few moments. After a while they both realized that their journey possible will never have a happy ending which they would love to have. They both talked about it again and decided not to complicate things further to end up in yet another heartbreak in their life. They both didn’t regret their kiss, first of theirs which eventually became the last of theirs.

They decided to let go off their feelings to not hurt each other anymore. They were entangled in a situation where they both became the victims of the circumstances they were in.

They decided not to complicate their relationship anymore and took few days break. days later they again started seeing each other as their one sided love.

What should have been a two sided love story ended as two one sided love stories.

Rahul and Anjali, a story which never gets over.


Prabakaran Thodithot Sembiyan

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