A dog and a half biscuit!

Be kind towards everyone or everything we encounter with, we don’t know when we will be getting the kindness back in terms of something. I used to go for a walk with my friend after dinner everyday, the streets were lonely as we walk past midnight and there were very few vehicles passing by at times. There were many stray dogs in the street, their hobbies were to chase people who were on car or bike, at times they growl and stare at the people who walk. There were three dogs near my apartment too, one black dog and the others, wheatish brown.

One day, while returning having my walk, I was eating biscuits while walking, that black dog followed me from the tea shop to my apartment hoping that I would give him a biscuit. Actually I didn’t notice the dog clearly as I was texting someone in the mobile, the moment I saw the dog, it started wagging its tail and looked at me with the puppy eyes. I had already taken a bite of the last biscuit I had, after few seconds pause I decided not to eat the last bite and gave the dog the remaining half portion of the biscuit. The dog wagged its tail and looked for more but I had nothing in my hand, I went inside my apartment after that.

black-dog-day-october-1-7Image Credits  : Adopt a black dog

From the next day, till a week, whenever I walk, being alone or accompanied by my friend(s), the stray dog followed me with its tail wagging, I gave the blacky (the black dog) biscuits whenever I had some and I also used to feed it with the left overs after dinner some days. The blacky kinda became a friend of mine after few days and started escorting me whenever I go for a walk.

One day when we were walking, we crossed our usual distance and stepped into a new street, there were few dogs, which got alerted by seeing us and started barking angrily. We didn’t know what to do as it was past midnight and I already had enough experiences with street dogs. All of a sudden the blacky started barking back at them, the more the other dogs barked, the more blacky barked, it was like it engaged in a fight with them by talking in its own language. After a while the dogs went silent and we turned back to our usual route back to apartment.

Image Credits : The best thing happened for being nice (Point number 12)

Days later I realized that just a half portion of a biscuit gave me a friend who showed kindness towards me when I was in danger, I offered blacky biscuits and food whenever I had with me till I lived in that area. That was the best thing happened to me as of result of being (half biscuit) nice.

Treat everyone with kindness, it costs nothing.


Prabakaran Thodithot Sembiyan


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