The Silent Guardians

In most of our lives we have few people who are always silent but who rose to the occasions whenever we are in need of some morale support. We might not call them our close friends but at one point or other, we might have shared everything with them, about our life. This articles is a continuation of my previous post and a dedication to such silent guardians in my life who were with me in many occasions and made me the person I am today. I am not going mention a very few of them from my recent past.

The first person who comes to my mind when I think of well wisher is Chandra Udhaya, fondly called Chandru. We know each other since 2008, we were batch mates during our Engineering but he was from IT department whereas I was from ECE department. We both were (still are) similar in many traits from handling people to working towards the ambitious dreams we have. I admired him a lot with the news I heard about him and the very little conversations I had with him.

We became friends when we shared responsibilities as Placement Coordinators for our respective departments. We shared the limited knowledge we had and made few changes in ourselves, he was like a guide to me who could find the flaws in me and tell me in person instead of telling others about them. He helped me work out few flaws of mine, because of which I am a better person today. The incident which made me close to him is the day before my final interview of the first ever campus drive in our college. 18 out of 235 students were called for the final day, after three screening tests, unfortunately Chandru was left out in the list but he took it sportively.

He called me the day before my final interview and talked for around 45 minutes and told me what to do and what not to do. By that time, he also knew the struggles I had been going through in the family and financial sides and told me I deserve the job more than anyone else who are attending the interview with me. His exact words were,

“Machi, everyone who is going to attend the interview is either having a backup option or family backup to take care of themselves but you deserve this job, I don’t know if you can make it but I do believe you will be one of the very few who would try to make it. Give your best machi, you will definitely rock on.”

He also suffered like me few years back in the personal life and he successfully came out of it and gave me a support when I was going through a similar situation like him. A decade ago, had someone told me that we will be living in the same flat, we both would have laughed, probably. But now, he is my roommate, who was, is and always will be my silent guardian.

Happy Birthday Chandru. Long live and prosper.

The second person is the one because of whom I started writing blog posts. I was just another self claimed writer on a platform called Quora, I was just writing answers to the questions people posted there. Over a period of 18 months, which didn’t change the fact that I was just a self claimed writer. That was when I had conversations with that person SJ. SJ is a person who appreciates people for their work and helps in developing it to another level. SJ created this WordPress blog for me as I requested and SJ is the one who customised the site. 

Back in my quora days I grew leaps and bounds and that lead to a controversy as well. SJ was the person who listened all my words and understood the issue properly and gave me hope to move on. SJ also told me that people are never going to stop talking about others till they get busy with their own life. Out in the world of selfish giants, SJ is a person of values. Haven’t met you personally SJ, but I want to tell you that without you, I wouldn’t be writing now, though I didn’t consider coming back to quora, I will always write somewhere and spread what I know. If you want to know more about SJ, read Shruthi Jothsana Indites.

Thanks for being a silent guardian in the recent times SJ, I owe you big time. 

The third person is someone who is a fan of mine, as per their own words. Let me name the person as X. X never stopped reading my posts when I was on quora and now as well. X is a person who stood my side when everything else was going on the other side. A person full of happiness, knows how to spread them too. A person who always told “Bad situations can portray even a good person bad, but the judgements of people aren’t going to help when we need someone”. So true that is. X made me realise people’s opinions are like moo point, it doesn’t matter. Been in constant touch with X, who makes me smile and urges me to write whenever I can. I have never felt that my writings are good enough for people to read but X proved it different. Dear X, I won’t stop writing. Thanks for being a silent guardian.

There are two persons in next whom I don’t want to separate, PK and HB. They both are with me since January 2016 and they never made me sulk in the bad mood. There were times when the entire conversations were full of emojis and stickers which made me have a wonderful start for the day. PK and HB, you guys don’t really know how much you matter to me. Probably you never will know that, but I’m lucky to have you in my list of unforgettable people. Will be in touch always. Thanks for being my silent guardians.

As a footnote, I want to convey one simple thing, which will benefit every single soul in the universe. “If someone is going through bad phase of life, just listen to them and spread good vibes to them, I bet that they will never forget you. All we need is someone to listen instead of someone to judge.”


Prabakaran Thodithot Sembiyan.

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