A Tribute to Friendship

People say friendship is a relationship we can never ask for, it just happens.

I totally agree with it. Many people come into our lives and many leave too, but a very few make a mark in our lives which even time can’t erase or modify. I too have few friends in my life who had been with me in all my ups and downs. This article is a tribute from me to them, which is the least I can do. The article will speak more about a special person who is celebrating his special day today.

He is Ajay Gowtham, one of my fewest and closest friend I have.


We met each other 10 years back when we were in our higher secondary (Class 11th), we were in different classes and were just Hi, Bye friends till Cricket made us rivals. We were rival in academics as well as we both were toppers in our class respectively. The bond grew stronger and stronger with the matches we played in the year, and the rivalry became a healthy competition and a good friendship to start with. When we were reaching our 12th board exams, we stayed together in a common friend’s home along with our other friends and we helped each other in the subjects we were weak at, he taught us Chemistry, I taught them Maths and we both shared our knowledge on Physics and English. Thus good friends became close friends whose secrets were known to each other.

After exams, we decided to start a tuition center for our juniors to help them out to tackle the exams in the way we did but it never capitalized as the very next day our results got announced and we both scored good marks. Then we joined the same college after a long discussion about which college to chose, why to chose, will there be a cricket team there and other things but later ended in a college which was new and we were the first batch of students in the college. We became more close and kind of best friends in college, who always spent time together in spite of him being in EEE department and me in ECE department, we hung out together in intervals, lunch, after college, night outs and weekends too.  We even ended up in the same house for the intramural competition held at our college and went on to became the overall champions for the year.img_0939

He taught me dance, he made me a person who can dance in a group with confidence, he encouraged me to be a good speaker and an orator, which changed a bit of my skill set and added few stars to my name, for which I am still thankful for him. He is one of my best critic and a worst enemy.

As every friendship goes through a no contact period, we both didn’t talk to each other for a year but still respected each other in the common forum though we wanted to appear as enemies in front of others, slowly we both started talking back, again thanks to cricket. The bond again grew stronger as we were becoming men from boys and was seniors in the college who wanted to set a benchmark for the rest to follow, was ambitious but worth a shot to be one, which we think we have done it to our best.

He is a dancer as I have already mentioned, because of the dance, we got another rival turned friend Manoj from IT department with whom we teamed up and won many dance competitions. The trophies we won were not just a token of appreciation, they are our tokens of love as well, which we never forget, especially the days we spend in open space at midnight just to rehearse our dance recitals. After Manoj joined, it was almost like a adventurous journey so far. Manoj, a man (yes, you can call him that) who can make you laugh irrespective of the situation you are in, and a thinker and a strategist who concentrates on winning hearts rather than winning the game.


There are two more friends in my life who are more important to me, they never fail to celebrate my birthday when I am available with them, they are Shreejaa and Dinesh.


As this is a tribute to Ajay, let me not talk more about the rest of them (will write about them on their special days 😉 )

Then Sathiya teamed up and we became a GOF (gang of four, yes 😀 ) but me meeting them is very rare as we are busy with our careers. But when we four join together, the nights go fast, the days go wate, the memories revisits and heart ponders over them. img_0951

The  most memorable part of my journey with Ajay is that we rode from Bangalore to Coimbatore on bike safely, and when we were returning back from Coimbatore, we met up in an accident near the place called Salem, Ajay was the one who rode the bike and he didn’t get more than two scratches where as my hand and leg were injured heavily and I had to undergo surgeries to repair myself, but when I was in hospital and when my parents came from coimbatore to visit me, Balaji, Sathish, Mohind, Yashwant, Ajay, Manoj and Sathiya were with me and made me forget my pain and made my parents and me comfortable. A special mention to Balaji who was with me the whole day after the accident.

img_0956 Yeah, it was me, in the wheel chair before the surgery.

Such kind of friends I got in my life and today Ajay  is celebrating his Birthday  and this is a tribute for his friendship with me over the decade, other friends of mine, posts are waiting for your special day in your life.

Happy Birthday Ajay. Long live and prosper.


Pardon me, this is the least I can do, I ran out of words to complete the article to tell all the stories we experienced together.

You were, you are and you always will be a special person in my life.


Prabakaran Thodithot Sembiyan

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