Lost and Found – A modern day Miracle!

People often say, “What goes around, comes around, aka Karma”. I wasn’t a having a huge belief on that as I have never been in the receiving end of the Karma when it comes to good things. Coming back to the article which you are going to read for next 5-10 minutes, it deals with the incidents which happened in last 24 hours that changed my view about karma.


Image Credits : Karma

Art of Losing

The day started at 6:00 AM for me as I was joining a volleyball team this morning. I woke up, refreshed, changed to sports attire, took wallet, bike keys, mobile and left my apartment by 6:30. I was supposed to report by 6:45 AM, , 8KM it was from my apartment to the ground, which I thought I could make it. I kept my mobile and the wallet in each of my shorts pocket and started driving. It took me 15 minutes to reach the ground, I parked my bike and thought of having a tea and searched reached my pocket for the wallet and I realized that I had dropped it somewhere on my way to the ground. Three days back I dropped my mobile and broke the display while driving, in the same fashion and today I dropped my wallet with all my credit&debit cards, driving license, PAN card, Bike documents and some 200 odd cash (you know, Indians are facing money issue right now, so the amount is pretty big too) all at once.

I went all the way back from the ground to my apartment and tried to find my wallet all the way back again to the ground but couldn’t find. That was the moment I thought I had lost it. I moved on with my game and thought that I had to re-apply for all the documents again along with blocking my debit and credit cards. The thought pulled my morale down and I started questioning myself for my disability to keep my things safe and sound. played from 7:15 to 9:15 and once when the game was over, I checked my mobile.

The Savior

I got a missed call notification from an unnown number. I called the number back to be picked by a person, male on the other end.

The person on the other end said, “Hey is this Prabakaran? I found your wallet on the road.” My heart skipped beat, I replied him that yes it is my wallet and I had lost it while I was driving. He replied, “Don’t worry Prabakaran, your wallet is with me. Where do you stay? I will give it to you when I am done from my office. I will give you a call by 4pm when I reach your place”.


I thanked him a lot, yes thanks was the only big word came to my mind when he said that he had my wallet. But a question popped in my mind, How did he track me? I haven’t written my number anywhere on the things in my wallet, still how did he track me? When I asked him the same question, he replied,

“When I found the wallet I went through the documents in it, I saw your PAN card and DRIVING LICENSE having the full name which I haven’t heard of anywhere. So I triedmy luck to search your identity on google search. I searched the name Prabakaran Thodithot Sembiyan and your facebook profile popped up, then it was a cake walk for me to get your number and call you.”

I was stunned, I was proud of my name Prabakaran Thodithot Sembiyan being unique, yet again in a different situation, I thanked him again and he disconnected the call. Felt facebook helped me thesecond time in my life when I am in need of an emergency, first being blood for my dad.

He called me back by 4 and gave my wallet back to me and told where he found it. I thanked him again and again, I wanted to take a picture of him to dedicate the post to him but I was shy on asking him the same and all I got was a handshake from him. When he left, I tried to take his picture, but he raced away just to leave no trace of him. I saved his number though, as The Savior and what happened in my life was a modern day miracle in the world we live in.


I just asked myself a question would I have done the same had I been in his position. I didn’t get an answer for the question, but I am sure now that I will do the same like him if I find someone else’s belongings anywhere, anytime.

The Karma

Late in the afternoon I was thinking how could a person be this good and humane, then I realized that last midnight night I gave lift (in my bike) to a person of the same age as the savior when I was coming back from a movie. It was just a small gesture of mine in helping someone, it was just few kms that too on my way home. Now I do believe that even if we do a good deed which is selfless and small, we will get it back in return, when we least expect it and most needed. In my case it was my wallet which saved my day, don’t hesitate yourself in helping someone.


Prabakaran Thodithot Sembiyan

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