A visit to hometown, truths and rants!

Most of the bachelors out there live away from home for school, college or for work. They visit home once in a long while as the situation doesn’t let them visit as and when needed. They become circumstantial prisoners. This post is to bring the rants of a mom to limelight, when her kid visit them and how they spend quality time (?)  with the family.

We youngsters do visit our parents and spend time with them, but have we ever asked how they thought that time? Did they really think it is worth spending? We probably will never ask as we think we know what spending time means. We, in the fast growing IT revolution, get time to see places, eat different dishes in different cuisines, dress better, watch movies, play games, weekend getaway trips and varieties of desserts. Whenever we visit our parents, we narrate the stories of what happens in our life, both good and bad, along with the above mentioned events we have been in.

We hardly ask them,

“So how did you spend the last N months mom, dad? Did you go somewhere for leisure? Did you watch any movies recently ? Did you try something delicious in any fancy restaurant?” 

Most of us will have a poker face when we know that we hardly did it. But why ? Are we not loving our parents? A big no. Do we think that expressing love to our parents in different ways is an uphill task? Yes, that’s where the youngsters nowadays are lagging behind. Our parents treat us like prince and princess charming but we shy away in treating them as Kings and Queens. Hard to admit but truth always triumphs, as we all know.

There are million ways to express the love, towards parents. 

  • We can take them out for a movie in a multiplex.
  • We can take them out for a multi cuisine restaurant.
  • We can take them out for a dessert parlour.
  • We can take them out for a short  trip or a picnic.
  • We can take them out for shopping and get them modern apparels and footwears.
  • We can show and help them to deal with the gadgets which can fill the gap between them and us.

We can, but will we? 

Will we show them how we live away from home? Just the way we described a dinner we went in a barbecue restaurant and tasted different forms of food? Or the way we enjoyed every single slice of pizza? The way we explored the nature during our road trips with friends?

Most of us again might think our parents don’t like them. That will be our assumption and guessing. The moment we stop guessing and start asking, a new world unveils in front of us.

The next time when you visit your place, don’t tell stories to your parents, instead show them how you created those memories in your mind, recreate the same in your parents mind too. We are growing up, they are growing old too, they might not have seen even half the things we have explored and got bored of. It takes us just a dime but we can get a gem out of it.

My mom once said, 

You come here once in 4 months, you spend time here, you take us out, you take a lot of selfies with us, the moment you go back, we live with the memories you gave us, through pictures.

What she said was short, but you an infer the meaning as you wish.

Show them back the love they have showered us till now. Let’s not shy away.

Image Credits : https://ronahope1.wordpress.com/category/love/

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