Deserted Littoral!

Date : October 16, 2016

Place : Pichavaram

Along with the friends of mine, I went for a road trip and covered Tiruvannamalai, Pondicherry, Pichavaram and Chidambram on a weekend. This post is about a place which we saw, explored, admired and got spell bounded on our trip.

Pichavaram (Tamil: பிச்சாவரம்) is located near Chidambaram in Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu, in South India. The nearest railway station is Chidambaram from where it is accessible by road. The Pichavaram Mangrove Forest near Chidambaram, South India, by the Bay of Bengal is the world’s third largest mangrove forest.


Image Credits : Team-bhp

Once after reaching Pichvaram, we headed towards Tamilnadu Forest Board maintained boat house, from where they would take us into the Mangrove forest in the backwaters of Bay of Bengal. We hired a motor boat, which belongs to fishermen as we were late and the place was crowded. The boat ride was one hell of an adventure, surrounded by the mangroves on the either side, like travelling inside a tunnel, with lights on the other end.dsc04443


After 25 minutes of slow motor boat ride, we reached a small deserted island which was the aftermath of Tsunami, which took away an entire village under the sea. The Island was small but deserted. As the name of the post implies, it was one deserted littoral, littoral meaning a region lying along a shore. The moment we anchored the boat and stepped into the island, all we heard was wooosh wooosh sound of the tides reaching the shore.


The fishermen, who took us in their fishing boat.

Surrounded with water on the all four sides, no people on the beach, it was a dream come true for people who work their ass pout on the week days, a perfect place to get rid of the normal life with traffic, plastics and pollution. The beach was so clean that I hardly found any plastic or paper waste, all I found was the footsteps of crabs and few red crabs on the shore, which initially made me press the panic button.


Just the five of us were in the entire beach, after the necessary photo shoot, we all had a peaceful walk from one end of the shore to the other, sat on the shore, had a pleasant view of the entire sea and fell in love with the scene.

I guess you still don’t believe that the beach was so clean, it happens you know. Below is a picture of mine taken by a friend in mobile, you can see the reflections of me in the shore when the tide came along.


Believing yet?


The 360 degree view of the beach in one panorama shot.


Snaps with my friends.


One hell of a trip, which made me realize that being away from the noise, traffic and pollution of the city life isn’t that great except for the luxuries we enjoy, being in a deserted place with the closed ones and the minimal/necessary things to lead a life is all what we need and long for. Though we can’t afford setting down there, we can at least visit such places, create memories and  life the life at the fullest, at least for a day or two.

Thanks 🙂


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