Say NO to Caste!

A serious topic to discuss about. More often than not, we hear, read and see about the caste discrimination in India. On the contrary , we see people going against reservation system too. Especially in magazines, news papers, TV news, whatsapp, facebook and twitter.


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Nothing significant happens to the life of the reserved people if the caste based reservation is abolished but not caste. They will be still ill treated and they will not get the respect they deserve. The number of graduates in their families will be reducing exponentially. Yet again, the so called forward caste will rule the back ward caste as it happened before the reservation system was implemented..

Do you think these won’t happen? It is so deliberate that people try to show off their caste and their supremacy (if any) to the society. If we look deeper, we Indians are supporting Caste but denying the same.

Patel is a surname representing a caste of village leaders.

Sharma is a common surname among Brahmins in India and Nepal.

Reddy is a caste that originated in India, predominantly settled in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. They are classified as a forward caste.

Gowda, also spelled as Gauda is a forwardcaste titular surname widely used in the state of Karnataka in India.

The list goes like Nair, Menons, Chettiar, Gounders, Raos, etc.,

Visit any village nearby, observe how caste plays a role in their life. Reserved people are still treated bad, they can (should) not step into the house of forward caste people. At times even the streets are restricted. Need more? even the graveyards are different. As we all know, agriculture is the backbone of our country. Villages are more than we can imagine.

No. of villages 593,615 and the population is 742,490,639. More than 60% of the total population, isn’t it? So if you look at the numbers, the people in the city/town can never know why the reservation system is there unless they experience what it actually is.

I have friends, friends in all caste, religion and region. Do we have anything about the caste system? Absolutely no. We share the same plates while having food, same bottles for water, same vehicles for transport. This is common in all our lives, friends are not confined by any boundaries.

The blight of caste discrimination under which million in India are regarded as ‘untouchable’, has spread spread to this country virtually ‘unnoticed’.

Can we uproot it? Practically impossible at least for the next two decades. But we can bring a change. Instead of fighting against the reservation system based on caste, let us first fight against the caste discrimination. When we have no caste system in place, there won’t be a reservation system based on the caste. Isn’t it?

Let us remove the surname from our name, which represents the caste we belong to. If we remove the caste from our name, the chances of others knowing our caste is very less. Let us not represent our caste.

 Might sound dumb. If watch closely, we can see the caste name in our routine. Hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, pawn shops, lodging restaurants and bars. Every caste has a union, association and a party for elections.

A small change can result in a revolution. Be a part of the ripple.

#SayNoToCaste #NoCasteInSurname

Thanks 🙂

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