Chicken Kuzhambu (Gravy) – Recipe

Chicken Kuzhambu/Gravy is a famous and a must have dish on Sunday afternoon for the non-vegetarians of South India.

Ingredients for six serves.

  1. 1Kg Chicken – Skinless, cleaned and chopped into medium size
  2. 400g Onions  – Big, peeled off and sliced
  3. 250g Tomatoes – Washed, chopped into tiny pieces
  4. 4 pieces of Green chillies – Chopped
  5. Spices – As needed
  6. 50g Garlic – Peeled off, chopped into tiny pieces
  7. Chilly power- as needed
  8. Coriander powder – as needed
  9. Coconut – half, cut into smaller pieces to grind
  10. Coriander, Pudhina and Curry leaves as needed
  11. Salt as per taste
  12. Chicken masala powder 75g
  13. Mustard – a teaspoon
  14. Oil as needed
  15. Ginger garlic paste 50g
  16. Curd – 4 teaspoons

Preparation :

Mix the cleaned/washed chicken pieces with curd, turmeric powder (1 teaspoon), chicken masala powder (4 teaspoon) and keep it in a bowl for 20 mins.

Turn the stove on and keep a frying pan and pour 50ml of oil and wait for it to get heated. Add mustard, spices, curry leaves, garlic and green chillies. Fry it till you get the smell of garlic on top of others. Add the half of the chopped onions and fry till the onions become gold then add tomatoes and coconut pieces and fry till it becomes a paste.

Take out the fried vegetables and keep it outside for 5-10 minutes to cool. Once it becomes cold, grind it in a mixer so that it becomes a paste. Now fry the remaining onions in the frying pan with oil, add ginger garlic paste, chilly powder, coriander powder, chicken masala powder and salt as needed. Chilly powder and coriander powder should be in the ratio 1:2.

Pour the paste which is in the mixer to the frying pan which has onions with masala. 

Let the mixture boil for a while, you will get tempting smell from the dish already. Check if the salt and masala are enough for your taste as you can’t taste after adding raw chicken. Now add the chicken which has been mixed with masala and curd in the pressure cooker along with the masala mixture we prepared in the above step.

Add water till the chicken submerges in the pressure cooker and boil it for about 10 minutes. Now keep the pressure cooker closed for a while till it blows 2 whistles. When you open the pressure cooker once the pressure is released, the chicken kuzhambu ( chicken gravy) looks like this.

Now finely chop the coriander leaves and pudhina leaves and add to the gravy. Let the gravy boil for another 5-8minutes. You will get a soothing smell of the chicken gravy.

Chicken Kuzhambu (Gravy) is now ready, it tastes the best when served with Rice, Idly, Dosa and Chappathi.

Give a try and do let me know the feedback 🙂


Prabakaran Thodithot Sembiyan

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