Healing the broken hearts.

For all those broken hearts out there, who are finding it difficult to find yourselves back, this post is dedicated to you. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Nothing goes inside them except sulking in the recent past of the failure. The way we failed pops into eyes and mind more often than not, the trust we had, the steps we had taken to reach that point, everything pops up, is the Denial phase, where we couldn’t accept that it has happened. That we failed, our relationship is no more alive.

The denial phase takes a while, the next, Realization phase is horrible in terms of the pain we go through. In the denial phase we will have a small hope of bringing things back to normal, but once we realize that everything has ended, the pain will be unbearable, unexplainable and it shows us how weak/wrong our reality was, it helps us trying to build a different reality altogether.

Acceptance phase is the one which transforms your life altogether, you might have been a happy go lucky person before the failure but now you will be a responsible person, who don’t want to make a mistake again in life (but life says otherwise). You will accept what had happened and you will keep your head straight and ask What next? That’s how your view point changes towards life and love. You can think clearly of what you should and what you shouldn’t do.

If the heartbreak is because of a relationship for sure and if you are still sulking in the past, please try to do the following things.

First don’t have any regrets. Keep away or destroy anything and everything that reminds him.

Don’t ever stalk him/her on any social media platforms. Block him/her or delete everything. Certainly deleting number won’t help once if it registered in heart but it can help you not to stalk.

Talk with friends a lot, mind you talk only with friends who can help you out not the so called friends who are nothing but a parasite. Pickup a hobby which you always wanted to do but you never attempted. Or pickup a sport. Stay away from sad songs for a while.

Take your own pics (selfies) and check how bad you look when you are upset. Change the mood, install some apps to create mashups and have fun. Reconnect with all your old friends who aren’t in contact. Never ever be alone. I can read your mind Voice now. You might feel alone even when you are in a crowd, try to mingle.

Stay healthy, eat and sleep properly. Try to forgive him/her only then you can forget things (yeah I didn’t mention you can forget him/her). Forgetting takes time but if you can make efforts you can definitely be back to normal. Healing is a lengthy process but not an impossible one. Important thing is never keep sad display/profile pictures and statuses in any media and publish your own problems.

One day you will be back and things will be better than it ever was,  ONE DAY. Wait for it.

The following pictures are irrelevant to the post but if it makes you smile or laugh then the healing process is on.



Smile first.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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