A Story, better left unsaid.

Rahul, with his roommates are having a party, obviously with booze. All of a sudden, one of his friend opens social media (read, whatsapp) and shows the rest of the guys, few pics of a girl in unusual poses, a scandal. Then the roommates starts discussing about the girl. Rahul is not indulging in the discussion which leads others to mock him. Suddenly they get an information that the girl is from the same place as Rahul and studied in the same college. They start inquiring Rahul a lot, but he isn’t opening his mouth. They go on with more redundant comments which makes Rahul angry and suddenly he drinks a beer in a shot and goes out. When the roommates come out to see him, he started puking. They take him to the bed and ask what happened.


He reveals the friends that the girl in those pictures is the one, with whom he had a relationship for 5 long years. A long pause among the group.

Then they try to console him and apologize for their comments. The day freezes out, out of nowhere, Rahul wakes up at 0200 hours and disturbs his friend (who is sleeping now), who received the images, and asks him who sent him.

Rahul decides to find who it is and ask him why he/she did it. How can he easily leave a issue regarding his girl (who was once), unattended. He gets the contact of the person who sent the images to his friend and meets him, he redirects to someone else and the redirection goes on to 10-15 people. After travelling around 500kms he finds an address, which is believed to be source of those images.

When he steps into the house of that person, his past flashes on his eyes he is hesitating to step in but his vengeance against the person who spread those images drives him inside. He steps into the house, looks at the wall. He sees the picture of his girl with someone in wedding dress and he suddenly gets confused

Rahul gets broke again like how he broke down when she left him. The guy who is in the picture with his girl comes to the hall and asks Rahul what he wants. With all his courage Rahul asks him about those images.

Rahul : Who sent these pictures to you? Why did you send it to others? Tell me. Tell me. Don’t tell me these images are for real. Tell me why you morphed her images and spread it across. After all she is your wife right.

*The guy stops Rahul before he could finish the next sentence*

The Guy : *without getting tensed* I am THE ONE, yes, I am the one who sent those pictures to everyone. Those aren’t morphed, they are real. Every single picture of her are real. What can you do? You are HIM right? At last it reached you too. Hahaha

*That question goes inside his mind and heart! WHY someone would sends the images of his beloved(?) wife?*

Rahul : WHY? But why did you do this? Why would anyone do this for someone who is about to share her life with him?

The guy replies, “I came to know about the affairs she had before marriage”.

Rahul got puzzled , only one thought occupies his mind. How did he knew? But that is not what Rahul wants to know. What happened after that? Why did he sent those images? Did he threaten her? Did he drug her?


Now the guy slowly gives a cunning laugh, starts laughing out loud as if he has done something seriously and tells Rahul the most hurtful words he heard in his life. Hurtful than the words said by the girl when she left him stranded. The guy then whispered three words. The three words which eventually made Rahul breakdown again.

After few minutes, Rahul collects himself up and seen exiting the house of the guy. He starts his bike, but it isn’t getting started. After few attempts he starts the bike and leaves the place, once and for all.

Rahul couldn’t stop himself from sobbing and crying. He can’t even drive his bike, having nowhere to go he starts driving blind. He wants to meet her for one last time, just one last time. Tears roll down on his cheeks while he drives, Rahul recaps the entire relationship he had with her from the moment they met to the moment she left him. Everything flashes on his eyes. As the memory fades, Rahul ends up in an accident.

He is being dragged in the road and gets skidded. The moment he realizes he fell down he is almost wrecked along with the bike. His heartbeat and gasping becomes the only sound he can hear. For every heartbeat, his eyes flickers. When he closes his eyes (blink) each time, his girl comes in his eyes and she’s asking him not to leave him (which she said when they were in a relationship). Every beat, every blink the images pops and fades in his eyes. The places they went together, the conversations they had, the pecks on forehead they exchanged, the hugs they cherished and the moments they were together.

Before Rahul loses his consciousness, he goes back to by a hour and rewinds what the guy told him. Rahul visualizes every word and action as described by the guy. An emotional torture it was, the guy told, “I started abusing her physically and emotionally by my words. She got broke. She cried, cried and cried a lot but she couldn’t escape from me. Where could she go, how will anyone accept the betrayal she had done to me. I hit her hard and kicked her, slammed her head in the wall.” Rahul interrupted and asked, but WHY did you take those pics? Why did you sent those images? The guy again comes with his cunning laugh, he comes close to Rahul and whispers those three words “SHE BECAME BLIND!” Pooof.

*********THE END*********


Prabakaran Thodithot Sembiyan

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