Everyone teaches something you don’t know!

It was during the summer holidays after my 12th grade. I was working on a local bar as a bearer, for which I got INR 50 a day. I had opportunity to interact with everyone and observed how they change after drinking. It was really interesting too. One day a guy asked me to bring eggs, what happened next was given below.

Photo Credits : Kirukan

The Guy : Hey Kid, bring me eggs.

Me : (Taking boiled eggs on plate) Sir, do you want me to add pepper?

The Guy : Hey no no no, who asked for boiled eggs? It has gas, go get me a omelette.

Me : Sure Sir, but I have a doubt. How come boiled egg has gas and omelette doesn’t?

The Guy : You don’t even know the basic science uh? Come here, sit. Take a raw egg and shake, you get sound right? Because there is some gas/air inside. Now if you boil the eggs, where does the gas/air go? It stays inside the egg right? On the other hand, if you prepare omelette, you have to break the egg. The moment you break the egg, the gas/air escapes from the egg and gets mixed with atmosphere. That is why boiled egg contains gas and omelette doesn’t.

Me : (Speechless :/ Is that science or is he drunk?)

When I tried to search about the incident recently, he was right. That moment I realized anyone and everyone can teach you some lessons, only if we are ready to listen though.

Thanks 🙂

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