A Long Arduous Journey

Period : August 19–21, 2016

I went for a road trip on car with my friends to Wayanad, Kerala, it was a spell bounding trip which tested literally everything we had. We friends decided to go for trekking at Chembra Peak, is the highest peak in Wayanad, at 2,050 m (6,730 ft) above sea level. It was 3 km trek from the view point, which is a steep route which is slippery and full of rocks and two water fountains on its way. We all started to see the grass valley and a lake which was in the hilltop.

That was our finish line to climb but the path wasn’t easy, it was full of rocks and steep as I mentioned earlier.

Image Credits : Team-bhp.com

We started climbing at 1:15 PM IST with a guide and a 2 litre water bottle for the journey, yes just 2 litre for six of us. First 500 metre was easy, a path which didn’t contain any rocks as we were still in the footpath of the hill, I drank few gulps of water as I was keep getting dehydrated, and other had few sips too. Then came the real task, steeps, rocks and no support to held on.

People who were coming downhill were motivating us saying that the scenery was quite beautiful which helped us continue the trek. I was always left behind as I couldn’t climb more, I even told my friends that I couldn’t continue so please carry on. But they were like ‘Praba let us wait, take rest and start trekking’. They did for two-three stops and I was guilty of holding them up and asked them to climb faster as my lungs were out and my legs were shaking heavily, mind you it was at 1:30 PM, sun at its peak.

That was me, dehydrated and unable to proceed further. A friend of mine accompanied me, he was healthy and ready to climb faster but he decided to stay with me. I took a break for 5 minutes and took few deep breaths and relaxed myself. After starting again, a group of people who were climbing down told me that we haven’t reached even 1/3rd of the distance. It shook me off and again I told my friend not to wait for me and I stayed back.

I couldn’t move an inch, then a friend who was ahead of us shouted that there’s a water fountain and they were resting there. With out water bottle empty already, that was out only source of water and I decided to climb for a while and reached the fountain. That was like an oasis, a much needed reinforcement I wanted, again I gulped water and decided to soak my dress to fight the heat, which I did and started moving again.

After reaching 2/3 of the distance I felt I am done. No more stamina, no more strength, no more courage and no nothing to move further. I met a group of tamil guys, talked with them, saw the pics they took. I asked them how long will it take.

They : Bro it’s just few minutes away, it’s worth the efforts you give. Once in a lifetime scenery.

Me : Bro that what the other group told me half an hour ago, still just few minutes away uh?

They : Bro that’s the motivation factor, keep telling yourself “you’re almost there”, eventually you will be there.

I was awestruck and understood what it was all about. A test, a test to test my everything, stamina, determination, courage, will power and what not.

Finally I decided not to stop and then I saw the peak in from of me, it was again a 500–600m rock climbing in the steep but that time I was determined to do it. We pull ourselves back only if we see the finish line through our eyes instead of what others say, how true that was. The moment I saw the peak, I decided to give everything I had in me, took a last pit stop, took few minutes of rest, then started climbing again.

The closer I went to the destination, the more satisfaction I got, I kept saying myself that I was almost there. It helped me indeed, at last I reached the peak and the tired, restless and exhausted me changed into a cheerful young lad.

The sight was really once in a life time and it really did worth all the effort I gave in. On a hilltop, clouds hovering, steady breeze and a cold drizzle made it all worthy. I could sense the mist of the cloud, and I started jumping like a kid, on the sky, over the clouds.

Had I given up my journey whenever I couldn’t do it, I wouldn’t be able to witness the scenery, wouldn’t be able to feel the fresh air. Oops, I forgot to share te pictures of the view I was talking about. Here they are.

Life always tests us, it brings the challenges towards us to test out everything, had I stopped climbing up in the first few times where I wanted to give up, I wouldn’t be having an experience of nature to share with. I wanted to give up because I couldn’t do it. Always remember this, quit only if you don’t want to do things, not when you can’t do things.

You insult yourself when you give up things you can’t, especially after you start it. When we can’t digest the insults others do, how can we tolerate the insults we do to ourselves. The moment you give up what you can’t do, you will start regretting the things which you will never know.

Never give up, a long arduous journey is waiting for you.

Thanks for my friends who were motivating me when I really needed it, thanks for the photographers who took the images, who are my friends, again.

Thanks 🙂

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